Showered with Love and Snow in Ohio

Ohio has had a very snowy and cold winter. California, on the other hand, has had a very dry and warm winter. And yet, I left warm and sunny SoCal to fly to Ohio when I was 30 weeks pregnant. Since I didn’t get to go to Ohio for Christmas this year, I scheduled a trip over MLK weekend to visit friends and family and attend a baby shower that my sister and Mom hosted for me. As is usual with most of my trips home to Ohio, this trip was very relaxing and allowed me ample time to bond with family and friends.

Mom and Anna hosted a beautiful shower for me at Mercy Health – St. Charles Hospital. Baby Girl Chambers was indeed showered with much love and many gifts, but the highlight of the afternoon was visiting with extended family and friends. I was blessed to have 26 people at my shower, including aunts and cousins from both sides of my family, my Grandma Damschroder, friends from high school, and longtime family friends. Anna had flown in from Colorado and family drove in from the Chicago, Columbus, and Cincinnati areas and from northern and southern Michigan. It truly was so nice to chat with everyone, get their advice on babies and baby products, and take some great keepsake photos.

Ohio Baby Shower Guests (Minus the Yates', Grandma, Aunt Jane, and Penny!)

Ohio Baby Shower Guests (Minus the Yateses, Grandma, Aunt Jane, and Penny!)



Damschroder Ladies

Damschroder Ladies

Oberhauser Ladies (Minus Aunt Paula, Amy's Family, and Brenda's Family)

Oberhauser Ladies (Minus Aunt Paula, Amy’s Family, and Brenda’s Family)

Amazing Hostesses - Anna and Mom

Amazing Hostesses – Anna and Mom

After the shower, Mom, Dad, Anna, and I picked up Uncle Lee and went to dinner together.

Anna and Me with Uncle Lee

Anna and Me with Uncle Lee

On Sunday, after church with Dad, we went to my Uncle Gerry’s for brunch with most of my Dad’s family. My brother drove up from the Columbus area for the afternoon and, as usual, we ate well and laughed a lot.

The Damschroders

The Damschroders

My Immediate Family, Together Again!

My Immediate Family, Together Again!

Anna flew back to Colorado on Sunday night and Matt drove back home, so I had two days with just Mom and Dad. I also had time to visit Grandma again and see my friend, Julie, and her three girls, who were unable to make it to the baby shower.

Friends Since College - We Walked Together at Graduation

Friends Since College – We Walked Together at Graduation

Mom, Dad, and I also spent some time going through the attic at Dad’s and digging out some clothes and stuffed animals from our childhood that are going to be passed on to the next generation. In addition to the piles of junk and Goodwill items that we found, we also found quite a few keepsakes, including clothes that my Grandma had made for me, a blanket my Aunt Jane had knitted for me, and the hospital going-home outfit that all three of us kids wore. Treasures, indeed!

I’m hoping to be back in Ohio in late July with our nearly 4-month old baby girl. I cannot believe that this was my last visit to Ohio without children and that when I return, I’ll be a mom. That truly still just blows my mind!

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