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A Tardy, But Thankful Thanksgiving

Well…Christmas was yesterday and I’m just now getting around to writing about our Thanksgiving events and activities. Keeping up with three kids, three houses, three jobs, and life is all encompassing. As overwhelmed as I often feel, I am equally … Continue reading

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Daddy/Daughter Trip to Livermore

Yup, you read the title of this post correctly. Vivian had TWO back-to-back daddy/daughter trips. First, she traveled to Oklahoma City for Easter, and then, last weekend, she flew up to Oakland to spend the weekend with Dan’s parents and … Continue reading

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Holy Jim Falls Hike

We’re only in the second month of 2016 and already we’re getting quite a bit of use out of our our Adventure Pass! Last weekend, on Super Bowl Sunday morning, we again met up with our friends, the Bullocks, and this … Continue reading

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San Juan Loop Trail Hike

Most years (see here and here), we begin afresh with a hike on or around New Year’s Day. We didn’t go on a New Year’s hike in 2013 (I’m not sure what we did that year!) and we definitely didn’t go … Continue reading

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Chambers 2014 Family Photo Book

Okay…I’m getting slightly better with our family photo books. I actually finished this one in September 2015, but just ordered the hard copy version of the book this past week. This one took a lot of effort and was my … Continue reading

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Cholla Trail Hike

A few weeks ago, Dan wanted to go on a Saturday evening hike with Vivian and Snoopy in Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. Although I love hiking, I was less than enthusiastic. The exhaustion of motherhood can really bring … Continue reading

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First Family Vacation – Palomar Mountain

I am playing major catch up on blog posts, as this post shares the adventures from our first family vacation, which was two months ago in July 2014! Better late than never, though, right? Dan and I love to travel … Continue reading

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