A SoCal Christmas

We spent the month leading up to Christmas preparing for the big holiday by decorating, baking a ton of cookies, and participating in some favorite holiday events and some new ones. Here’s a quick recap of what we did for posterity.

Lil Mailed Her Letter to Santa (He always writes back and includes lots and lots and lots of “snow” glitter. We now carefully open it over the sink or outside!)

Our Christmas Tree & the Star

New This Year! Peter Pan and Tinker Bell: A Pirates Christmas at the Laguna Playhouse

New This Year! Christmas with the Critters at Rancho Las Lomas

Kid 2, Year 4: Preschool Holiday Singing Program

Santa Sighting at the Baker Ranch HOA Holiday Event

New This Year! Renegade Race Series Santa Run Kids Run 1/2 Mile Race

New This Year! Neighborhood Light Scavenger Hunt

A Favorite Tradition: Seeing A Charlie Brown Christmas at Chance Theater

Ready for Santa on Christmas Eve

Santa Came! Christmas Morning in Matching Jammies

Our holiday celebrations continued after Christmas day (technically, we did still have 12 more days of the season).

My Mom came into town for a week, which, as always, was awesome. She was a huge help with the kids and we also got to do some fun local activities with her.

Holiday Hangout at the Irvine Spectrum

New This Year! Capistrano Lights at Mission San Juan Capistrano

SeaWorld Day (My Mom’s First!)

Day with the Monkeys at the Santa Ana Zoo

It was a fun holiday season participating in some of our favorite traditions, making some new traditions, and just hanging out and being together. After a very busy Fall and holiday season, though, we’re ready to coast into the new year and slow down a bit (as much as we can slow down with three active children).

About Carrie

I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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1 Response to A SoCal Christmas

  1. Diane Chambers says:

    I had to laugh that Santa includes snow glitter in his responses. Maybe it is just snow from the North Pole. Perhaps the magic in his workshop turns the snow into glitter instead of melting into water. Maybe each snowflake is a recipient of the same spell that Elsa bestows on Olaf. I am just now noticing that our family room floor, even after cleaning, has glitter from our white tree that was up when you visited in November. This is not magic – just persistence of the season.

    What a clever idea to have the tree next to the stairs. No ladder (or Bumble) is needed to place the star on top. I insisted that Frank stay away from all ladders this Christmas.

    Peter Pan and Tinkerbell: A Pirates Christmas sounds like fun. I will need to watch for it near us next year to maybe take Alex. We too saw A Charlie Brown Christmas with Alex and he really liked it, both halves. I thought the second half was better than the first. In Alex’s High School Class his teacher often played jazz background music. He felt its mellow tones, soothed the students. It engaged Alex in the first half and urged Frank to nap. We all enjoyed the second half Christmas carols. Every year there is a boat light parade at Discovery Bay. We have never gone but our neighbors regularly do with their boat.

    Santa at Rancho Los Lomas and at Baker Ranch! Did you ever wonder how Santa gets all his work done with all these Public Relations appearances? He must have really mastered the art of delegation to his elves.

    I absolutely love Lillian’s embroidered red Christmas dress with the velvet shrug. It also coordinated extremely well with her nose and smile.

    It made me smile to see their matching Christmas jammies. I was pleased to see those stockings getting used instead of only being home decor at my house. Great, great photo. All three kids are smiling naturally and the glowing tree being them is perfectly sized and perfectly decorated and perfectly awesome. A truly memorable vignette for Christmas 2019.

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