All We Did This Fall

Technically, it’s still Fall, but we mostly crammed all of our main Fall activities into late September and all of October, so that’s what this blog post is going to be focused on. Every year we do a few fun favorite Fall activities and a few new ones.

Dan’s parents and his sister and her family flew into Orange County in September to spend some time at Disneyland. We joined up with them one day to ride the rides, eat the treats, and make some special family memories. You can read more about our day on Dan’s mom’s blog. The park was already decorated for Halloween and so we, of course, had to take some iconic and festive pictures there during our visit.

Halloween at the Happiest Place on Earth

We’ve been trying to get as much use as possible out of our annual SeaWorld passes and so I visited once with my sister, niece, and the girls in September, and we visited once as a family with the Turners in November. Our trip there with Anna and Ava was especially nice as it wasn’t crowded and the girls got to participate in some Halloween activities at the park (and us adults got to drink some seasonal beers that were on tap!).

Pumpkin Princess at SeaWorld

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch
On September 30, we went on our our first seasonal trip to one of our favorite pumpkin patches. My sister and niece were in town visiting us and we took just the littles with us, since Vivian is required to be in school now. We had a lovely afternoon and William even got to ride his first pony!

Train Ride

William’s First Pony Ride

The girls started wearing their wardrobe of Halloween dresses on October 1 and didn’t stop until October 31.

Pumpkin Dresses

Acorn Day
For the second year in a row, we went to Acorn Day at O’Neill Regional Park. Last year, we had a really great time at Acorn Day and I was excited to repeat that this year. Unfortunately, it was very hot this year, more crowded, and Lillian was being especially incorrigible. You can’t win them all!

Acorn Day

Home Depot Pumpkins
Every year since Vivian was 6 months old, we’ve done a Home Depot run in October and propped or sat the kids next to their pumpkin and straw display for a photo. Now it’s an established tradition!

Pile o’ Pumpkins at Home Depot

Pumpkin City
Another one of our favorite pumpkin patches is Pumpkin City. This year, I took all three kids by myself while Dan was in Phoenix at a conference for his work. Vivian’s school’s PTA was having a fundraiser at the pumpkin patch and so we also went on this specific day to support the PTA.

Pumpkin Lights

Getting Tall

Tanaka Farms
Vivian was lucky to be invited to visit a local farm’s pumpkin patch with her BFF. The girls went on a wagon ride, watched the pumpkin cannon, ran around the patch, and got their face painted.

BFFs at the Pumpkin Patch

Zoomars Petting Zoo
While Vivian was at Tanaka Farms, we took the littles to the pumpkin patch at Zoomars. We’ve taken the kids here many times before, but never during their pumpkin patch. William was not at all into it, but Lil had fun riding the train and horse, petting the guinea pigs, and playing with the goats.


Boo at the Zoo
For the first time ever, we went to a “Boo at the Zoo” event. We are members at the Santa Ana Zoo and attended their event one warm Sunday evening. We really enjoyed this new activity! We couldn’t see many animals since it was already dark out, but the kids had a ton of fun walking the trick-or-treat trail and we were happy to be somewhere that wasn’t overcrowded.

Boo at the Zoo

Fall Festival
To support another fundraiser for the PTA at Vivian’s school, we attended the school’s Fall Festival. The kids ate, bounced, played games, danced, and walked a small trick-or-treat trail. I even won a gift card to a restaurant in a raffle!

Fall Festival 2019

Halloween Carnival
Our community hosted a carnival at our clubhouse and I took Vivian and William while Lillian and Dan napped. The kids rode rides, jumped in the bounce house, and picked out small pumpkins.

Fast Ferris Wheel Ride

Little Pumpkin

Carving Pumpkins
Just like every other year that we’ve carved pumpkins (we skipped this activity last year), Dan and I carved the pumpkins while the kids played around us. The girls still won’t touch the pumpkin guts. This year they did draw faces on the pumpkins and Dan carved what they drew.

Carved Pumpkins – And New Halloween Outdoor Decorations

Neighborhood Potluck
As per another tradition, we got together with we our wonderful neighbors for our annual potluck and chili cookoff. This year, Dan and I even dressed up in costumes. I was told that I was dressed as “Unikitty!”

Couple Costume

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
We recorded this classic 30-minute show and, just like in years’ past, watched it over and over and over. We generally only let the girls watch TV some on the weekends, but for this show, we made an exception. By the end of the month, Vivian had memorized most of the lines from the show! William even sat still every now and then to watch a few minutes of it (as long as he was also simultaneously occupied stuffing food into his face).

William Watching The Great Pumpkin

Preschool Parades & Parties
For the past two years, Vivian participated in Halloween parades and parties at preschool. This year, it was Lillian’s turn! (Vivian’s school hosted a STEAM-o-ween for the kindergartners during the day, which I volunteered at, but other than that, the school didn’t host any Halloween events.)

Parading Cinderella

Halloween Party

Finally, on October 31, we celebrated the BIG day by dressing up and trick-or-treating. William briefly put on a duck costume that Vivian wore four years ago, but he switched back into his bat outfit for the rest of the night. Lillian dressed as Rapunzel, but one street over from our house, she said that her costume was too itchy and she abruptly took it off and spent the rest of the night trick-or-treating in her panties, pink cowgirl boots, and pink John Deere hooded sweatshirt. Vivian dressed as a butterfly princess. And once again, Dan and I dressed as LEGO characters.

Dan on Halloween at Work

The Chambers Kids – Ready for Tricks and Treats!

William LOVED Trick-or-Treating!

Happy Halloween!

In between all of the activities, we listened to a lot of kids Halloween music in the car and on Alexa. Dan bought and put up a lot of new outdoor Halloween decorations. I hosted my annual Pumpkin Dinner with a group of girlfriends where I cooked and served pumpkin lasagne. And I baked all sorts of pumpkin and Halloween goodies – cake, cheesecake, cookies, cutouts, pumpkin energy balls, bread, bark, and more. I think it really is safe to say – we did it all this Fall!

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1 Response to All We Did This Fall

  1. Diane Chambers says:

    WOW! That is a LOT of activities! I am sure the kiddos loved the big events, Disneyland and Sea World but did you ever ask them what was their favorite among all the other activities? Do you show them your blog and relive the events? My blog is my way of re-living things when I write the posts and if you do not show yours, to the girls at least, I suggest you do so. I love that you make the routine things special.. acorn day, pumpkin dresses, Home Depot poses, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. It is no wonder that when she was here Lillian informed me that her favorite color was ORANGE. You do not just check the box about pumpkin patches either…. Pumpkin City, Tanaka Farms, Zoomars. Compare and contrast…did they have a favorite patch? Your family is such social butterflies what with the carnival at the the clubhouse, the school Fall Festival and your potluck you certainly are far from isolated. Love all the pix and even though most are in Instagram, I like the context of the blog post and seeing them all grouped together. Several of my quilt blogs are moving to Instagram and away from blogging. I am glad you still do both. One problem though – I am exhausted from reading all this!

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