The girls (and us) really got into Valentine’s Day this year, which was a lot of fun. We love love!

Of course, there were outfits, as shown below, and modeled the weekend before Valentine’s Day.


Lil Dancing in Her Valentine’s Day Dress

William Standing in His Red Garb

Then, there were crafts. The girls painted holiday frames at Michaels. They did a great job and I just ordered pictures to put in the frames so that they can put them in their room.


Painting Progress

Finished Frames!

There were also cookies – obviously! We made homemade cutout sugar cookies and frosted and decorated them and, if I do say so myself, they turned out wonderful! (And, hey, I only lost my schmidt twice while making them with the girls!).

Frosting and Decorating Cookies

Valentine Cookies

On Valentine’s Day morning, the girls awoke to gifts and a singing card from Nana, new socks and hair bows from us, and, of course, chocolates!

Valentine’s Day Loot

Valentine’s Day Outfits

The Cuter Than Cupid Kid and His Biggest Sister

Cuter Than Cupid

Vivian at Preschool on Valentine’s Day/Pajama Day

When we all got home at the end of the day we had flowers waiting for us from Daddy (designed at The Pretty Petal, our neighbor’s awesome flower business). Dan also revealed that he planned a belated Valentine’s Day tapas and sangria cooking class date night for us at The Wine Artist in early March.

Flowers From Daddy

Love was definitely in the air this year!

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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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4 Responses to LOVE MORE

  1. What a fun way of celebrating! Glad to see you all really got into it. Frank and I had a couple over for games afternoon and I made créme brulée for dessert and bought one pink and one chocolate heart shaped cake. In terms of card exchange? I dug out our two annual Valentine’s cards, unsigned, that we trade back and forth each year. Unromantic you say? Well we do kiss when we hand them to each other and I must still like the guy if I am able to locate the cards each year. They sit on display for about a week until I put them away for the next year.

  2. Robini says:

    I love that shot of all the Chambers ladies with their flowers – good job Dad! I’ll admit I will bake cookies with my kids, and I will decorate cookies with my kids, but I never combine the two because there’s just too many stops and starts and my patience is worn thin by the time the baking phase is over. If we’re going to decorate cookies, we go to the store and we BUY them first.

  3. Robini says:

    Whoops, got distracted and pushed “post” too soon! – I also wanted to say that the V-day outfits are adorable, and a tapas class sounds pretty great!

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