SLO Weekend

Last week, Dan had to travel to San Luis Obispo and do some intern recruiting work for his company at his alma mater’s construction management career fair. Since we hadn’t yet been on a true vacation as a family of five, we decided to turn his work trip into a family road trip.

Day 1: Driving
After a full day of work, Spanish lessons for Vivian, dinner at home, laundry, and packing, we dressed all of the kids in their jammies and set off at 8pm to drive four hours north to San Luis Obispo. We were hoping that since it was the kids’ bedtime, they would all fall asleep and we’d have a quiet drive. They did all sleep, although not the entire time. And, by the time we arrived at our hotel just before midnight, they were all awake. Luckily, after checking in and unloading, everyone fell fast asleep and didn’t wake until later in the morning.

Butterfly Girls on Vacation

Day 2: Cal Poly, Children’s Museum, Farmers’ Market, Downtown
After stopping to see Dan on campus, I took the kids to the wonderful children’s museum in town and then out to lunch. If we didn’t have to worry about naps for the littles, we could have stayed at the museum all day.

Back on Campus

San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum

More Butterfly Sightings at the Creamery Marketplace

To round out our full day (after the aforementioned naps), we went to the farmer’s market downtown. We watched a man ride a giant unicorn unicycle, bought fresh strawberries, marveled at the walls in Bubblegum Alley, ate street tacos from a vendor, and then topped the night off with delicious ice cream.

Bubblegum Alley

Farmers’ Market Craziness

Day 3: Zoo, Winery, Downtown
On our second full day in the area, we ventured outside of San Luis Obispo and visited the Charles Paddock Zoo (super small, but super cute) and adjacent park and went wine tasting at JUSTIN Winery. We ended the day with a drive by Morro Bay (while the kids napped in the truck), another stroll downtown, the purchase of Cal Poly gear for everyone, and tri-tip sandwiches at Firestone Grill.

Charles Paddock Zoo


Downtown Walk by the Mission

Tri-Tip Sandwich Dinner

Day 4: Hiking, Pismo Beach
We ventured out for a short (less than a mile) hike to the top of Terrace Hill and then followed it with lunch at an old favorite of Dan’s and ice cream at a new favorite. After late naps for the littles, we stopped at Dinosaur Caves Park so that the girls could play for a little bit (it was almost dark, though) and then grabbed dinner in Pismo Beach before walking the length of the pier.

Terrace Hill Hike

Day 5: Driving Home
We spent the last day of our vacation driving home through traffic. We had plans to attend our neighborhood’s annual Halloween potluck at the park that night. Besides traffic (a staple in SoCal), the drive was uneventful. Thankfully, the trip wasn’t and we had a wonderful time making great family memories.

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1 Response to SLO Weekend

  1. Robini says:

    This looks like a fun little side trip with lots of good food, some good wine, and (at least from your telling) lots of long, glorious naps! Love the first buttrfly pic, and love that hoodie on Lillian!

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