A few weeks ago, I took Vivian on a special date up to Hollywood to see Aladdin at the Pantages theater. We had great seats and both loved the performance (the Genie stole the show!). It was so cool to take Viv to her first Broadway musical, sit in the historical Pantages theater with her, and show her the orchestra at intermission. I can’t wait to take her again in the future!


Waiting for the Show to Start

Reading the Playbill

After the show, we walked down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and ate dinner at a nearby restaurant and bar.

My Star on the Walk of Fame

We ate a decadent brownie dessert at the Chocolate Bar before making our way back to our car and then back home to Orange County.


Capitol Records in Hollywood

While Vivian and I were taking in her first Hollywood show, Dan took little Lillian to her very first movie – Peter Rabbit (actually, her first movie was Finding Dory when she was a few months old, but most of that was spent nursing in the lobby). I couldn’t believe it, but she sat through the entire movie and was engaged the whole time! The popcorn might have helped!

Baby’s First Movie

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1 Response to Showtime!

  1. Robini says:

    Sounds like fun! I haven’t seen Aladdin, but we took Autumn to Little Mermaid (which she loved) and Lion King (which WE loved, although she was really only engaged for the first 2 hours). That’s great that you and Vivian got to do it just the two of you, too!

    I’m glad that Dan and Vivian had fun as well. Both Autumn AND Isaiah’s first movie was Coco, and Isaiah sat through the whole thing patiently, but Autumn was ready to go home an hour or so in. Maybe we should have tried the popcorn trick.

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