MLK Weekend 2018: Rides, a Hike, & Strawberries

The girls and I had a long three-day weekend in mid January to celebrate and honor the late Martin Luther King, Jr. Although I reflected on his vast contributions to the civil rights movement and to our larger society (and felt frustrated at the recent steps we’ve seemed to take backwards with our current American “leadership”), the girls didn’t understand why they had an extra day home from daycare and preschool. Vivian is old enough, certainly, to understand some of Dr. King’s tangible roles in breaking down race barriers, but, honestly, she is still so young and innocent and I’m not quite ready to even tell her what race and color are and that people have been and still are discriminated and victimized because of these things. So…we kept things light and spent our time together riding the carousel, Ferris wheel, and train at the Irvine Spectrum Center; hiking about 4 miles (round trip) to Red Rock Canyon in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park; and picking (and eating!) strawberries at Tanaka Farms.

Irvine Spectrum Center Rides

Carousel Ride

Train Ride

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Hike

Babies in the Front, Back, and Side!

Our Littlest Hiker

Climbing That Last Hill

Red Rock Canyon

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Hike

Hiking Crew

Tanaka Farms Strawberry Tour

Little Farmers

Tasty Strawberries

Tasty Strawberries

Our Girls are Getting Tall – Even in the Winter

At the end of the weekend, just like last year, we spent some time at the park. Vivian has been practicing riding her new bike to the park and is getting pretty good at it!

Bike Ride to Park

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2 Responses to MLK Weekend 2018: Rides, a Hike, & Strawberries

  1. Robini says:

    Sounds like fun! How does Vivian do on braking with her bike? Autumn loves biking, but is terrified of using the pedals to slow herself down – our neighborhood is hilly she’s rather crash into a bush (or a parent!) than try it on the downhill! So much for our little thrill seeker. Last summer she had a pair of rubber-toed shoes she could safely use to slow down, but this year she’s outgrown them and I haven’t found anything similar.

    • Carrie says:

      Um…yeah, we’re still working on braking, too. For some reason, shouting “pedal backwards” over and over is not resonating! Viv just coasts until she eventually slows down or stops.

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