New Year, Newly Painted Wall

Many years ago, I swore off painting for the rest of my life. I had painted the entire interior of my condo and Dan’s townhome and was done. When we built our new house, we paid the builders to paint it, but they could only paint every wall the same color. We picked a light grey color for all the walls and called it a day. This past summer, we replaced our master bedroom furniture and bedding and I thought, “hmmm…it might be nice to paint an accent wall in here, too.” When my mom came to visit at the end of 2017, it provided the perfect (and probably only) opportunity to paint that accent wall.

Vivian helped me buy the paint and she helped us paint the wall. I was worried that allowing a 3-year-old to paint a wall would be a disaster, but she actually did very well.

Looking at Paint Samples (We picked Behr’s “charcoal blue” in eggshell.)

Home Depot Painter




We are very happy with the final result. The project only took one day to complete and it also gave me an opportunity to thoroughly vacuum and clean the baseboards behind the bed, which, if you know me, will help me to sleep much better at night!

Updated Master Bedroom

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2 Responses to New Year, Newly Painted Wall

  1. What a “Grayt” little help Viv is. It appears she got less paint on her than I would have. I like how the darker color makes your tree picture pop. I have a bemusing office story about accent walls when I first began working as a engineer in the late ’70s. They were painting offices a beige and each occupant was allowed to pick a color to paint one accent wall. The choices were, navy, avocado, brown, or orange – the ’70s remember. My office was like a fishbowl with windows (interior) on three sides and a blackboard covering the majority of the fourth wall. There was not much to accent. As a female in my late 20’s I was able to sweet-talk the painters into mixing white in with the orange and custom painting the entire office peach. My boss came back from a meeting and was dismayed at the result. “How can I put an engineer in that office!” he blurted out. “What do you think you have in there now?” I countered. I got to keep my peach office.

  2. Robini says:

    You are a brave, brave mother of a 3-year old… I shudder to think of all the *other* things Autumn would have gotten paint on at that age. but bonus points for writing her name up there! And yay for a home improvement project. I don’t think we’ve done anything worthwhile since we went back to work after Isaiah was born unless you count re-organizing.

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