Family Vacay: Oregon Edition

In early November, I attended a content strategy conference in Portland, Oregon. Since my company was already footing the bill for my travel costs, we decided to expand the trip and include Dan and the girls and some extra nights outside of Portland in Bend.

As soon as we got on the plane in Orange County, I realized that Lillian had a fever and was sick. The Motrin was packed in our checked luggage, so we had to wait until we landed in Portland before giving her any. She ended up having a fever for at least 4 days (we didn’t have a thermometer with us to confirm her temperature) along with a stuffy nose and cough. And…apparently, she also had an ear infection! Our kids have each only ever had two ear infections in their lives and they never pull at their ears when they are sick, so I rarely think about the possibility of them having them. I never even knew that Lillian had an ear infection until we had been home for two days and I took her to her pediatrician for her regularly scheduled 18-month appt. During our trip, she was, well, a handful, and now we certainly know why. She must have felt awful with an ear infection, being at higher elevations, and flying. We administered a 10-day dose of antibiotics after finding out about her diagnosis and her temperament improved greatly!

We arrived in Portland with a sick baby, luggage for eight days for a family of four, and two very heavy car seats. And we committed to taking public transportation while in the city! So, we loaded up into a MAX Light Rail car and rode it into downtown. By the time we got there, both girls were asleep – Viv in the stroller and Lil on me in the Ergo carrier. Dan and I had to carry the luggage and car seats two blocks to the hotel while doing our best to keep the girls asleep. We (sweatily) succeeded and even managed to check in and get halfway through a late lunch before the girls woke up.

Riding the Light Rail

After settling into our hotel room, we took a bus to Marco’s Cafe in Multnomah Village to have dinner with my friend, Susan. She and I were flatmates in England in 1999 when we were both studying at the University of East Anglia during a semester abroad. At the time, she lived in Texas and I lived in Ohio. We’ve kept in touch and visited each other over the past two decades, although we hadn’t seen each other in many years so it was really nice to reconnect in person again.

Dinner at Marco’s Cafe

We had three and a half days left to spend in Portland proper and I had to attend my conference during that time. While I was at conference sessions, Dan took the girls to fun, kid-friendly places in the city. In the evenings, we went out to dinner and explored the city as a family.

Shopping at Powell’s Books

Visiting the Oregon Zoo in Washington Park

Planting at the Discovery Museum at the World Forest Center in Washington Park

Dinner & Playtime at Mother’s Bistro

Walking Across Tilikum Crossing

Exploring Duniway Lilac Garden (Until it Started Raining Hard!)

After four full days in Portland (which we loved), we were ready to escape the city and explore inland Oregon. We rented a car and drove a few hours southeast to Bend, through the snowy passes, and checked into our VRBO house.

Oregon’s Snowy Mountain Passes – Beautiful!

We spent the remaining four days of our trip hiking, visiting museums and breweries, and catching up with more friends. We absolutely loved Bend (like everyone else!) and are dreaming of ways we could move there.

Visiting the Denneys

Finally, after eight days, it was time to fly home. We really cannot wait until we can return to explore more of Oregon – or, you know, move there!

Leaving Redmond to Return Home

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2 Responses to Family Vacay: Oregon Edition

  1. Robini says:

    Man… poor Lillian! My kids never pulled on their ears with ear infections either, so level of crankiness was our usual cue. Although as Isaiah’s ear doctor put it “He’s still pretty happy for a kid with a double ear infection”… I got one as an adult a few years ago, and whooo boy did my sympathies increase.

    And, what an amazing vacation! I had no idea you’d studied in England for a year, but I used to love going to Ashland Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival when we were in High School. As a kid I wanted to live in Oregon because one of my favorite books – Priscilla the talking Pig – was set there.

    I am curious about the origins of the name “Tilikum’s Crossing”. If you’ve seen Blackfish (the movie that’s putting Sea World out of business” “Tilikum” was the name of the Orca that killed his trainer at Sea World. Wiki suggests it is also the inuit word for “people”, though, so that seems a little more likely for inspiration.

    I am jealous of Dan’s wine glass and 10 barrel Brewing (and Jealous that Viv is actually eating… we’re still working on that with Autumn), but I am glad you had fun! If you do move there, I am totally getting you a copy of “Priscilla” though.

    • Carrie says:

      Did your kids’ ears stink when they had ear infections? I’m sure that your mom has told you that that’s how she always knew that Alex had an ear infection.

      Viv is a decent eater, but Lillian out eats her at almost every single meal. Despite still not weighing 20 lbs. at 18 months old, that girl can eat She must have amazing metabolism. I hope that Viv’s eating improves as she ages (she’s certainly gotten pickier over the years) and that Lil’s stays constant!

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