Birthday Girls

This Spring, our precious girls turned THREE and ONE. We’ve spent the last two months celebrating with special dinners, a joint birthday party, sweets, and, of course, lots of presents.

Vivian is a feisty little girl. To me, she does not seem even close to toddlerhood; she seems ages beyond that. She is incredibly smart, socializes well, sings and dances with beautiful abandon, and is very independent. She can throw a mean fit and struggles with listening (only to us, though, of course), but asks for snuggles from us every single day.

Vivian is THREE

Vivian celebrated her third birthday on her fourth day of preschool. She got to wear a crown, share homemade mini-cupcakes with her classmates, and be interviewed by her new teacher.

Vivian’s Birthday Interview

After school, we ate dinner at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, just like we did last year.

“Happy Birthday to You!”

Lillian remains our little peanut at only 18 lbs. 1 oz. She continues to be a challenge at night (still not sleeping through the night!), but is generally happy during the day. Her smile lights up her face and anyone else’s face who is looking at her. She is a good eater, climber, and she makes her wants known even though she can’t talk yet. To me, she still seems like a baby, not a toddler. I’m excited to see her grow and develop over the next year, as I know she’s just going to get more and more fun.

Lillian is ONE

Lillian celebrated her birthday with a steak dinner at home and then her first bites of ice cream (which she loved!).

In between the girls’ birthdays (which are five weeks a part), and while Nana was in town, their friends joined them at their gymnastics studio for a joint birthday party.

Vivian the Trapeze Artist

Lillian in the Foam Pit

Happy Birthday, Vivian!

Happy Birthday, Lillian!

Birthday Party Friends

Full Family Photo with Tired Kiddos

Crashing From the Sugar High and Activity

I should also add that in between all of this celebrating for the girls, we also celebrated Dan’s 34th birthday! Everyone is older now, except me – ha!

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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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3 Responses to Birthday Girls

  1. Happy Birthday to all! Cupcakes and ice cream forever! (With candles to blow out of course…)

  2. dnlljns says:

    Happiest of birthdays little ladies! & Dan!

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