The Shows Go On!

We’ve been taking Vivian to shows, plays, and musicals since she turned 2 and in these past few weeks, we’ve taken her to three more. It is so fun! She is totally entranced by the productions, sitting on our laps and snuggling us during the shows. We love the one-on-one time with her and giving her exposure to the performing arts.

Sleeping Beauty
I took her to see Sleeping Beauty at the Irvine Barclay Theatre. Just look at how cute she is waiting for the show to begin with her dolly!

Ready for the Show!

The show was billed for 6-10 year olds, but she knew the story line and I thought she’d really enjoy it. Well…I should have read and comprehended the play’s description much better:

The classic fairy tale is told anew in David Gonzalez’s innovative and poetic presentation. Gonzalez, whose storytelling has been engaging imaginations for over two decades, combines quirky, rhymed verse, live music, multi-media, and the most extraordinary device of all — our imaginations —  to create a world in which our beautiful (and funky) princess is awakened by true love’s kiss…or not.

Let me break it down: Two dudes stood on a nearly empty stage for 50 minutes. One guy played a piano and one guy recited a 50-minute rhyming poem that told the story of Sleeping Beauty. Behind them, a giant projection screen displayed random artsy images (“multimedia”).

Honestly, I don’t know how any of the kids in that huge theater, including Vivian, sat relatively still through the show. Even I was bored out of my mind. I kept waiting for the actual play to begin, thinking that the poem and piano was just a prelude, and then 20 minutes into it, I realized, oh, this is it. Eek!

So, this was sort of a bust. But, I got to spend quality time with Vivian, we got to experience something new (and quite different!), and we got to visit a theater that we’d never been to (at Dan’s MBA alma mater), so it definitely wasn’t time wasted. I just wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else!

On Campus at UCI Outside the Irvine Barclay Theatre

Disney On Ice
A week after Vivian saw Sleeping Beauty, Dan took her to her first Disney On Ice show – Dream Big – at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario. I think that this show was more in her wheelhouse. There was singing, dancing, princesses, and a churro. You can’t go wrong with any of those!

Ready for Disney On Ice

Churro Eatin’ at Disney On Ice

Dan attended Disney On Ice shows with his family while growing up and so it was neat for him to now take his own daughter to a show. Disney runs deep in his family and Vivian is certainly carrying a love for all things Disney into the next generation.

Fancy Nancy the Musical
On Mother’s Day, I took Vivian to a musical production of Fancy Nancy at the Chance Theater in Anaheim. Although Vivian had only read one Fancy Nancy book in the two days leading up to the musical, she was still able to follow the story line and she enjoyed the singing and dancing. The theater was small, which was perfect, and our seats were centered to the stage. The show was only about 50 minutes long, but unlike Sleeping Beauty, we would have been happy if it was longer.

Mother’s Day Kisses for Mama Before Fancy Nancy

Vivian with the Fancy Nancy Play Bill

Fancy Vivian at Fancy Nancy

So Fancy!

After the show, the audience was invited onto the stage to meet the cast and see the set. Vivian was being super shy, but I still took her onstage to see everything.

Fancy Nancy Cast, Set, and Guests

As we were leaving the theater, we were told that there was a Fancy Nancy tea happening in an adjacent room. There were games, treats, crafts, and a meet-and-greet with the the illustrator of the books. Vivian said that she wanted to go to the tea and so I forked over $46 so that we could attend. I’m glad that we went because Vivian did have fun, but I can tell you that it was not worth $46. Hopefully, though, the money went to the theater to help support its ongoing efforts and upcoming productions.

Being Fancy Eating Cupcakes

Drinking Strawberry Milk

Playing a Cookie Eating Game

Trying to Balance a Banana on Her Head

I got such a kick out of seeing Vivian so thoroughly enjoy the musical and tea – it was the perfect Mother’s Day outing!

Next up is Sesame Street Live! Elmo Makes Music in June. Vivian saw her first Sesame Street Live! show last year with Dan and I’m excited to take her this year. Sesame Street Live! was the first live show that I saw when I was a toddler!

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4 Responses to The Shows Go On!

  1. Robini says:

    What fun! I am always looking for shows like this to take Autumn to, but either there’s less going on in OK (probable) or I’m less connected than you are (also possible) because I don’t see a lot. We *love* Disney on Ice though… last year it was just Autumn & I who went (Autumn & me? Grammar dilemma), but this year I think Isaiah will be old enough and all 4 of us can go. I’m impressed Viv sat through that Sleeping Beauty show, but it looks like Nancy more than made up for it. The tea party does look like fun, even if it was expensive. Anyways, I hope you’re able to find more, Viv does look adorable with her doll and when rocking a banana hat! I hope Sesame Street Live is awesome.

    • Carrie says:

      I get emails from Goldstar, Groupon, and Living Social and those help me find theatrical activities. Do you subscribe to those lists for OKC? I also “like” local theaters on FB. Hopefully one day we can take all the kiddos to a show together – that would be fun!

  2. Well, philosophically speaking, “Two outta three ain’t bad”. So glad Vivian is sporting Disney in her blood. Looking forward to accompanying you to Sesame Street Live. It is great to see such happy faces on the outings. Thanks for sharing photos. Oh and I love seeing Vivian hugging her Lil Red Doll.

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