Springtime Whale Watching

Lillian went on her first boat ride last weekend. She was about the same age that Vivian was when she went on her first boat ride. The four of us ventured out of Newport Bay into the Pacific Ocean to go whale watching with Davey’s Locker. I have been whale watching at least three times. I’ve seen zero whales. Dan went whale watching in the third grade and was very sick and had a horrible experience. So, it was time to make new, happier, whale watching memories!

Our excursion was about 2.5 hours long on a decent-sized boat (I have no idea what kind of boat or exactly what size). It was a beautiful day and the trip up and down the Orange County coastline was breathtaking. The ocean was so blue and the hills were so green. Sometimes living here ain’t half bad.

No one got sick on our trip. Lil was happy and spent most of the trip on me, sleeping part of the time. Viv had a blast running around the boat, coloring, and watching the whales, dolphins, and seals. And, oh yeah – we saw whales!!! We saw quite a few whales and even saw them surface and then dive back down into the water with their tails up – very cool. We also saw hundreds – yes, hundreds! – of dolphins in a huge pod. And, of course, we saw seals in the harbor.

Baby’s First Boat Ride

Family Whale Watching Trip

Windy on the Water

Dan and Vivian Dolphin Watching

Dan and I got to have a drink on board and since the girls were so happy and having so much fun (or, at least not fussing), we all had a really, really good time. It was another one of those pleasantly memorable days that will make me smile for years to come.

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One Response to Springtime Whale Watching

  1. I am so glad to have seen the photos and videos you sent. Great that you all had a great time and great that is was so different from a field trip of Dan’s in elementary school. I got terribly seasick and it was hard being responsible for those little boys I was assigned. This tale is how whale watching should be! As the Disney song goes – “A Whale of a Tale”

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