Disneyland, Day 2

We wrapped up our winter trips to Disney last weekend with our second trip to Disneyland. This time, we joined the Turner family at the “happiest place on Earth.”

After arriving at the park – after lunchtime! – we went straight to Micky’s Toontown so that Vivian could ride Gadget’s Go Coaster with Ben. Toontown was overrun with kiddos and so, so many people, so we skipped out after the rollercoaster and went to Fantasyland and rode “it’s a small world.” This was Lillian’s first time on this ride and she loved it! Her head was constantly swiveling to see all the sights inside the ride and she was so thrilled that she clapped and clapped. It was so fun to see her having so much fun!

Lil’s First Ride on “it’s a small world”

While in Fantasyland, we took the kids on Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and then tried to take them on Snow White’s Scary Adventures, but the ride broke down two riders ahead of us – boo! Our little Snow White was all ready to ride it, too!

Happy Little Snow White with Mama

Happy Little Snow White with Daddy

We switched lands after the Snow White disappointment and went to Adventureland so that Vivian and Dan could ride Jungle Cruise (Lillian had fallen asleep). Afterwards, Vivian and Ben had a blast playing with bubbles (these were all over Disneyland and a huge hit with all kids!).


We went on one last ride as a family and with the Turners – Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square. I was a little worried that Vivian would be freaked out by the drops, but she loved it. She even said it was her favorite ride! (She’s been on it before, but wasn’t old enough to fear the drops. Lillian rode it the first time on this trip and wasn’t phased by the drops at all.)

Family Photo Opp in New Orleans Square

We left the park before it got dark and everyone melted down. Dan bought Vivian a giant $9 balloon on Main Street, U.S.A., and then we walked to our car via the Downtown Disney District. And, once again, Vivian had to shake her groove thing for the live band playing.

I got a huge smile on my face watching Vivian dance and Dan dance with her. My smile got even larger when I realized that the band playing was the Doo-Wah Riders. Dan and I saw this band, with his parents, seven years ago at the Bankhead Theater in downtown Livermore. Back then, we were only dating; now, we are happily married with two little girls. Seeing this band again was a nice reminder of how sweet life can be sometimes – and how circular!

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One Response to Disneyland, Day 2

  1. Mom says:

    My face smiles and my heart warms when I read if your fun family Disney times. I love that little family of yours. ❤

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