Since I spent much of New Year’s weekend preparing for – and then cleaning up after – our New Year’s Eve party, I wanted to get out of the house last weekend and do something fun. On Friday afternoon, I purchased discounted tickets for us to go to The Queen Mary’s CHILL event. We’d never been to this event before and I didn’t research it ahead of time – I just thought that it would be a fun thing to do to close out our holiday celebrations.

We arrived at the event after dark, which was good, since it meant that we could view the Christmas lights that were still strung outside. As we walked to the main portion of the event, we passed wooden holiday decorations in poor shape that lined the walkway. Already, this event seemed kind of hokey. A group of singers was singing and dancing on a stage, and Vivian loved that, so we stopped to listen to them for a little bit. Then we entered a large dome, which I later read about in years’ past used to actually be “chilled” and contain snow, ice sculptures, and additional tubing. This year, it contained a super small carousal, which we all rode, and an Alice in Wonderland walk-through exhibit, which we did not walk through after other guests told us that the line was over an hour long and the exhibit was not worth it.



There was ice tubing inside the dome, but Vivian was too small to do any tubing. There was also a martini bar, but, alas, Vivian was also too small to drink. So, after one ride on a pathetic carousal, we left the dome through the nearly empty gift shop (the only way to exit, of course!). There was a set of swings outside of the dome that used to be at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, but, again, Vivian was too small to ride them. Instead, she bounced in a very small bounce house, and then we called it a night.

Candy Playland Bounce House

Candy Playland Bounce House

The ice skating and paint ball activities cost extra (not that we would have participated in those anyways). There was a 4-D Polar Express movie experience, but the wait was too long. And there was also the “world’s largest rocking horse,” but the wait was too long for that too (and it looked super lame).

So…final review: LAME! Check this off the list. Would not go again! Not worth $18 in parking. Not worth the price in tickets. Not worth the drive or time. But…Vivian did have fun and she was very happy. She wasn’t old enough to understand how pathetic the entire event was.

Our tickets to CHILL also included admission to The Queen Mary, so we boarded the historic docked ship and ate (an overpriced) dinner at the Chelsea Chowder House & Bar. We did have stunning views of the Long Beach skyline from our dinner table, though, which was cool.

Aboard The Queen Mary

Aboard The Queen Mary

Soup and Dinner with a View

Soup and Dinner with a View

Overall, although the CHILL event was lame and overpriced, we did have a nice time together as a family. The girls were well behaved and happy, the drive wasn’t full of infant screams, and we did get out of the house and get to experience something new. After we got home, we put the girls to bed, and were happy that our plans for the following day were more low-key and closer to home!

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One Response to Chilled

  1. Diane says:

    I tend to concur with your evaluation of CHILL. We stayed one night on the Queen Mary before setting off on our first cruise ever and having that activity perched in the parking lot and requiring detours – dragging our luggage – where we needed to go was annoying. It added noise and confusion to our short stay. But I am pleased you were game to venture inside and milk some fun out of it. Through kids eyes it is all good and a new experience that is what really matters most. There is a quote form Dr Suess “don’t cry that it is over, smile that it happened” Well, you can smile BOTH that it happened and that it is over! Yay!

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