SeaWorld, Round 2

Since we had bought 2-day passes to SeaWorld last summer and we still had one day left to use on our passes before the end of 2016 (see blog post from day one here), we ventured down to San Diego last Sunday to meet up with our friends, the Turners, and spend the afternoon at SeaWorld. This trip was also made possible due to Lillian finally stopping screaming in the car (can I get an Amen?!).

We had a pleasant drive down to SeaWorld with no traffic. The girls napped. It was a beautiful day and we happily walked towards the entrance gate.

SeaWorld, Round 2

SeaWorld, Round 2

As soon as we got into the park, the day fell apart. Vivian, who is now scared of public toilets due to a very unfortunate auto flush incident, refused to sit on the toilets. So, she peed herself. Then, she pooped herself – twice. I lost my mind over these incidents and was in a terrible mood. (Bad, bad mom.) We watched two shows (the dolphins and sea lions), saw a few exhibits (sharks, turtles, sea lions, and penguins), let Vivian play in the Sesame Street Bay of Play (until she pooped herself), rode the Skytower (which we didn’t get to do last time) to view the sunset and super moon, and then called it a day. We said goodbye to the Turners and began our drive home north.

Ben and Viv

Ben and Viv

Friends Hugging Goodbye

Friends Hugging Goodbye

Our drive home took forever – okay, maybe more like two hours. We were stuck in horrible traffic. We were all tired and hungry. As Dan and I pulled into our garage, I said, “we’re never leaving the house again.” A bit dramatic, yes, but the day didn’t end up being the fun and exciting day that we thought it would be. Perhaps instead of never leaving the house again, we’ll just pick some activities to do with the girls that are a bit closer to home at locations that do not have automatically flushing toilets.

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3 Responses to SeaWorld, Round 2

  1. Robini says:

    I can just hear the call-ahead conversation now; “do you guys have automatic flushing toilets?” – “Uh… Maybe? I don’t know? Why?” But I think we’ve all had high hopes dashed by little-kid realities. I’m glad you at least got to see your friends, and in the pictures it does look like Viv had fun.

    • Carrie says:

      Ha! I hope that Vivian gets over her fear of automatically flushing toilets real fast! She hasn’t had any accidents since SeaWorld, but I think she’s just doing a very good job of holding it when we’re out and about because I can’t recall her using a public toilet since then, either!

  2. Diane says:

    Maybe you were frustrated but your post made me laugh! Sounds like it was a good time anyway. Don’t you read the book to Vivian Everyone Poops? So.There you go. And go again. Third time’s the charm…?

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