San Diego Summer Trip

Just as I did when I returned from maternity leave after Vivian’s birth, I am catching up on blog posts now that I’m back at work after Lillian’s birth. Two months ago, we took Lillian on her first trip that was not to visit family members. We took a similar trip with Vivian during the summer that I was on maternity leave with her, but, to be honest, our trip this year didn’t flood me with as many heartwarming memories. But, we did make memories – many of them good (ha!) – and we did some fun things.

Dan was scheduled to be in San Diego for a few days last August to attend a Bluebeam software conference for work. Since Lillian was only three months old and Vivian wasn’t yet 2.5 years old, I was not about to stay home alone for three days/nights with both girls. In retrospect, staying home alone with both of them would have been much easier than entertaining them by myself for three days in San Diego. I don’t regret our trip, though, as, like I said above, we did do a lot of fun things.

Lillian is a huge car screamer and it stresses Dan and me out to no end. Somehow, by the grace of God, she slept, and did not scream, on our drive down to San Diego. The car silence ended after we arrived, though, and she screamed on nearly every other car ride around San Diego and home to Orange County. Sigh.

Day 1: We checked into our rental house in the Golden Hill neighborhood of San Diego and quickly learned that, apparently, Golden Hill is the ghetto. You can read our review on the VRBO site for specifics on why our house’s location was not very desirable. After we unloaded the car and unpacked, we went to Seaport Village for dinner and so that Vivian could ride the historic carousel. Vivian loves carousels and took many, many rides on many, many carousels this past summer.

Seaport Village Carousel Ride

Seaport Village Carousel Ride

Day 2: We spent the second day in San Diego at SeaWorld with our friends, the Turners. This was the girls’ first trip to SeaWorld and Dan’s and my first trip there together. It had been well over a decade since either one of us had been there and Dan wanted to go and see the orca show before it is changed (stopped) at the end of the year. It was a full, hot day. We saw most of the shows (including the orca show in the midday sweltering 1pm sun) and most of the park. By the end of the day, we were beat!



Day 3: Dan’s conference began on this day (a Monday) and so I was (mostly) on my own with the girls. I say “mostly” because although I did have to take care of both girls by myself, I, thankfully, got to do it in the company of my good friend, Katie, and her two kids. We met up at the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park and spent the whole day there. Our older kids loved it! They ran and played and explored.

Running and Playing in the Science Center

Running and Playing in a Maze of Packaging Tap in the Science Center

We watched an IMAX movie about ocean life and later in the day, I watched the National Parks Adventure IMAX movie with the girls (until the film literally broke and stopped – boo!).

National Parks Adventure (#fail)

National Parks Adventure (#fail)

Despite Vivian peeing her pants at lunch and the broken film, we had such a fun time here and I highly recommend it to people visiting San Diego with kids – even ones as small as ours! After we left the Science Center, we picked up dinner and joined the Turners at their house for a casual dinner. We really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with them on this trip.

Day 4: Well…day 4 was a bit more chaotic and crazy than day 3. While still at the rental house, and after Dan had left for his conference, Vivian rocked Lillian out of her carseat while she was unbuckled and it was sitting on the floor (and I was in the bathroom) and Lillian flew out of it and hit the tile floor head first. Then I took the girls out for coffee in Barrio Logan and Vivian threw a giant fit on the floor while I was nursing Lillian. Afterwards, I endured major infant car screaming and we met my friend, Megan, and her two youngest kids at the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park where Vivian briefly got lost.

Fun Times (After the Scary Times) at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Fun Times (After the Scary Times) at the San Diego Natural History Museum

Sunny Afternoon in Balboa Park

Sunny Afternoon in Balboa Park

In the afternoon, we went over to Megan’s house in Coronado to finish our visit. Then we picked Dan up downtown (while enduring more infant car screaming) and met our friends, the Alachniewiczes, for dinner in Little Italy. The day ended with gelato, so it wasn’t that terrible after all – just crazy!!

Day 5: On our last day in San Diego, I took the girls to The New Children’s Museum downtown. We took Vivian here last year and it was even more fun to go back there with her now that she’s so interested in all the exhibits and able to interact more fully with them.

Playing at the Children's Museum

Playing at the Children’s Museum

Lillian Happy - and Not Screaming - at the Children's Museum

Lillian Happy – and Not Screaming – at the Children’s Museum

After Dan’s conference ended, we drove north to our home in Orange County (cue more infant car screaming). We had a fun, packed trip, but since Dan was at his conference for 2.5 days, we didn’t get to spend our entire trip together as a family. We made memories (some good, some bad) and realized that we don’t want to take Lillian on any long car trips anytime again in the near future, so we cancelled our plans to go to Temecula the following weekend. As we did with Vivian, we will just travel to places where we can fly!

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