Our sweet little girl is now TWO years old. This past year has been so amazing and fun with her and we are loving this age. She is a very smart little girl (can count to ten and sing the alphabet), enjoys singing, is a great eater, generally listens and obeys well, and loves us so much. We, of course, love her so much, too!



We didn’t have a big party for her this year, but we still made her birthday special with presents, a trip to the mall, and a family dinner out at a restaurant.

Playing at the Laguna Hills Mall

Playing at the Laguna Hills Mall

Playing at the Laguna Hills Mall

Playing at the Laguna Hills Mall

Waiting for Mama at the Laguna Hills Mall

Waiting for Mama at Gymboree the Laguna Hills Mall

Coloring at Dinner

Coloring at Dinner

Opening a Present

Opening a Present from Her Great Aunt Jane

Feeding Daddy at Dinner

Feeding Daddy at Dinner

Birthday Dessert

Birthday Dessert

All Smiles After Dinner

All Smiles After Dinner

Playing with her New Kitchen

Playing with Her New Kitchen from Her Nana

Vivian started her birthday celebrations last weekend with Grandma and Grandpa in Livermore and will continue them over the next week. She didn’t open all of her gifts on her actual birthday, so she has more to dig in to. Also, we’re planning on having cake and milk/juice to celebrate her at an upcoming neighborhood happy hour at the park. And, of course, she’ll be having a blast playing with her new toys for quite some time to come.

Happy Birthday, Vivian Ruth!

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4 Responses to TWO YEARS OLD!

  1. Robini says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday! That sounds like a great birthday, with lots of fun & love. We love those quarter rides at the mall too!

    • Carrie says:

      Vivian loved climbing on the quarter (um…out here, at least, they take THREE quarters!) rides at the mall, but, sadly, I had zero quarters on me and zero dollars on me to convert into quarters. Mom fail! Everything needs to take credit cards, I say! At least she still had fun climbing on the little rides.

  2. Hotmail says:

    Very cute! She will be a great Big Sister soon! Happy Birthday Vivian Ruth!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Diane says:

    After seeing her “up close and personal” on our last visit I concur thoroughly. She is a pure delight and a very special little girl. We love her to pieces – her impish grin, her singing, her climbing, her appetite, her “I do it”, and her “I got it”.

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