Daddy/Daughter Trip to OKC

We had a family trip to Oklahoma City planned for Easter weekend. I booked flights, the hotel, a rental car, airport parking, and Snoopy’s pet hotel stay in early January. And then, six days before we were scheduled to start our trip, my doctors told me that since I’d be 32 weeks pregnant and am at a higher risk for preterm labor, that I could not travel. Bust! But…my travel restrictions did not mean that Dan and Vivian could not travel, and since the purpose of the trip was to visit Dan’s sister, Robin, and her family, I encouraged them to still go (and leave me at home to rest and relax!).

And so, off they went, on their very first daddy/daughter trip.

Airport Dropoff

Airport Dropoff in Orange County

After a layover in Salt Lake City, they arrived in Oklahoma City on Holy Thursday ready to join Robin and her family for dinner at Panera Bread. Dan and Vivian got to meet Baby Isaiah (now 8 months old) for the first time and they also got to see Robin’s house for the first time, even though they moved into it over two years ago.

On the second day of their trip (Good Friday), they visited the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History where Vivian and her cousin, Autumn, were able to see dinosaur skeletons, “dig” for fossils,  and run among the exhibits.



After the museum, they hung out at Robin’s house. The adults got to chat and catch up and the kids had a blast playing together. This is how they spent most of the remainder of the trip, in addition to one venture to the hotel’s swimming pool.

Cousins Playing with Handmade Gifts from Grandma

Cousins Playing with Handmade Gifts from Grandma

Swingset Fun!

Swingset Fun!

On Easter Sunday, they all attended a Methodist church service and then the girls went on a backyard Easter egg hunt.

Hunting for Eggs

Hunting for Eggs

Eating Chocolate - Best Part of Easter!

Eating Chocolate – Best Part of Easter!

Dan and Vivian flew back to Orange County by way of Atlanta (!!) on the evening of Easter. It was a long day of travel for them and neither one of them were feeling that great, but they made it home and this Mama was oh-so-happy. I was happy to have my family back together, but also happy that the two of them got to experience this special adventure together and got in some great family bonding time.

Siblings and Kiddos

Siblings and Kiddos

Since Dan and Vivian returned home so late on Easter, I didn’t get to spend much of the holiday celebrating with them (instead, I went to mass by myself and then to brunch at a friend’s house). I’m glad, though, that we were able to participate in our community’s Easter activities the previous weekend, including a quick photo session with the Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

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3 Responses to Daddy/Daughter Trip to OKC

  1. Awww i hope to do this one day with my future children

  2. Robini says:

    We so wish you could have been there! But thanks for sending Dan and Viv out anyway… we had so much fun, and Viv is really a delight to be around. She’s so smart and independent, you must really be proud. I’m glad you guys did get to have some easter fun the week before (ours was much more low-key) and that picture of Viv and the Easter bunny is priceless, even if some part of me whispers that it’s *missing* the iconic meltdown….

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