Babymoon for Baby #2 in Ojai

When I was pregnant with Vivian, we traveled a lot. But that was normal for us. So, I can’t really pinpoint one trip and say “oh, this was our babymoon.” While pregnant, we took trips to New England, Miami, and NYC, among other places like Morro Bay, Las Vegas, Big Bear, and Northern California. All of those trips included amazing meals, adventure, quiet time together, and relaxation (some with spa activities!). This time around, though, it’s different. Yes, we still travel a lot, but always with Vivian. That makes for fun family trips, but not for relaxing and romantic trips. I’d argue that a babymoon is definitely needed more for pregnancies after your first born child.

So, for baby #2, we planned a very relaxing weekend getaway to Ojai when I was 23 weeks pregnant. My mom flew in from Ohio to watch Vivian and we set off on (my first) two consecutive nights away from Vivian. When we first arrived in Ojai, we ate lunch at Osteria Monte Grappa in downtown and then we checked into the luxurious Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. We relaxed, watched a movie on TV, read, and watched the sunset’s “pink moment” from our hotel room. Then we ate an amazing dinner at The Oak Grill, complete with good wine (for Dan), an appetizer, main course, dessert/coffee, and good and uninterrupted conversation.

Baby Ojai

Ojai Baby

On Day #2, we slept in and Dan got us coffee from Jimmy’s Pub onsite. Then we went into town and shopped at the Certified Farmer’s Market and downtown shops, walked through Libbey Park, and went wine tasting at The Ojai Vineyard and The Vine. We finally made our way back to the resort and to the spa! We spent the rest of the afternoon getting spa treatments (a warm Himalayan hot stone massage for Dan and a moisturizing facial for me), relaxing, reading (me), and watching the NFL championship games (Dan). We concluded our day with another amazing meal at Olivella, again complete with good wine (for Dan), appetizers, multiple courses, and dessert/coffee/port.

Wine Tasting at The Ojai Vineyard

Wine Tasting at The Ojai Vineyard

Spa Ojai

Spa Ojai

On Day #3, we again slept in and drank coffee from Jimmy’s Pub. Before checking out, we walked around the resort to take in all the quietude and beauty one last time.

Pixie Pool at The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Pixie Pool at The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Checking Out at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Checking Out of the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

After leaving the resort, we drove up through the Los Padres National Forest to go on a short (approx. 1 mile) hike to Rose Valley Falls, which, sadly, wasn’t flowing that much since El Nino has yet to produce any serious rainfall amounts in coastal SoCal. The hike was easy and tranquil, though.

Rose Valley Falls

Rose Valley Falls

On our way back towards town, we stopped at the USA’s smallest (nonoperational) post office in Wheeler Springs.

USA's Smallest Post Office in Wheeler Springs

USA’s Smallest Post Office in Wheeler Springs

We tried to go olive oil tasting at the Ojai Olive Oil Company, but we were 13 minutes late arriving at their tasting room (boo!). Next trip!

Upon arriving home, we hugged our baby, who had missed us very much (although she had a ton of fun with her Nana). We also were treated to a freshly mown lawn, clean living room windows/screens, and the smell of homemade chocolate cupcakes baking in the oven!

In conclusion, we loved our babymoon for baby #2 and look forward to going on another quiet and relaxing trip…in another two years – ha!

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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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1 Response to Babymoon for Baby #2 in Ojai

  1. Diane says:

    Sounds like you two had a great, deserved, dedicated time with each other. Can your mom come clean our windows/screens and bake for us?

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