Museum Afternoon with Mama

Dan was away last weekend on his annual boys’ getaway weekend. This year, he met a group of his college friends in Lake Nacimiento in the California Central Coast. So, Vivian and I had an entire weekend just to ourselves.

We had a fun Friday night with friends and Saturday night at Book Club. We ended our weekend by spending the day together – just the two of us – at the Bowers Kidseum in Santa Ana. After Sunday mass, we first went to the main Bowers Museum and ate a delicious lunch at their newly remodeled Tangata restaurant. Vivian did so well at the restaurant and chowed down on her lunch. I felt like I was on a date with my big little girl (not baby) and it was really special.

Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum

Lunch at Tangata

Lunch at Tangata

After lunch, we walked two blocks down the street to the Kidseum. I’d been to the main Bowers Museum a few times before – a few years ago – for special exhibits. That museum is wonderful. I’d also been to the Kidseum many years ago with a friend and her two small children. I was quickly reminded, though, when I walked into the Kidseum, how, um, not wonderful, that museum is. We’ve taken Vivian to a few children’s museums (see here and here) and this one, was, by far, the least interactive, had the least number of exhibits, and was the least entertaining. Despite all of that, though, we actually had a blast there and Vivian ran around and played for a few hours. So, it was a fun and successful trip. I’m just guessing that the Bowers Kidseum doesn’t get much funding and support (at least not as much as the main museum).

When we first arrived at the museum, they were hosting a native drumming presentation upstairs. We immediately went upstairs and sat through a small lecture about drums and then Vivian got to practice playing her own drum – she loved it!! It was so fun to see her listen, pay attention, make music, and smile:-)

Once Vivian tired of the drumming presentation, we went back downstairs so that she could play in the few “exhibits” (used very loosely) in the museum.

The Rainbow Bridge - Her Favorite

The Rainbow Bridge – Her Favorite

Tent Camper with Kitchen

Tent Camper with Kitchen

More Drums

More Drums

Green Screen Fun

Green Screen Fun

Hieroglyphic Coloring

Hieroglyphic Coloring in the “Archaeology Lab”

She also briefly played in the teepees that they had set up, listened to a video story in the storytime room, drew a snowman on a smart touch-screen table, and walked through the glow cave.

Since we bypassed naps for fun and she only briefly fell asleep in the car, she took a 2-hour nap when we got home. Just as Dan walked in the door after returning from his trip, she woke up.

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One Response to Museum Afternoon with Mama

  1. Vivian is growing up so fast. I am glad you and she had such a rich mother daughter time together. My generation did not have blogs to capture these memories for later recall. This is quite a treat.

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