Vivian’s 2nd Easter

We have surpassed the “year of firsts.” Vivian is now beginning to experience her second round of annual holidays, starting with Easter. Last year, she celebrated like this:

Vivian's First Easter Basket

Vivian’s First Easter Basket

This year, our fast-walking, nearly one-year-old, celebrated like this:

Vivian's Second Easter Basket

Vivian’s Second Easter Basket

On Easter Saturday, our new community, Baker Ranch, hosted an Easter event with all sorts of kid fun like an egg hunt (see picture above), petting zoo, pony rides, small carnival rides, and, of course, a giant Easter bunny to sit with in a photo booth.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Petting Zoo Fun

Petting Zoo Fun

Pony Rides - Not Fun!

Pony Rides – Not Fun!

We had a blast at this event with Vivian and enjoyed attending it with our new neighbors. Vivian was not a fan of the Easter Bunny (are kids preprogrammed to be scared of figures such as these?!) or ponies (bummer!), but she enjoyed the petting zoo, little train ride, and egg hunt.

On Easter Sunday, we attended mass at Corpus Christi, our parish in Aliso Viejo, and then ate brunch at the local Panini Cafe.

Post-Mass Family Photo

Post-Mass Family Photo

Vivian in Her Easter Dress

Vivian in Her Easter Dress

Next up…Memorial Day? I think that the 4th of July will have more themed parties, outfits, and fun:-)

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