Dana Point Festival of Whales

The weather in SoCal has already turned hot. Arg. We are not hot weather people. Give us cool temps, a warm sweatshirt, and some clouds almost any day! While you’re at it, throw in some mountains! But…we do live in coastal Southern California. So, sun and sand is what we get!

Sunny Day!

Sunny Day!

We decided to embrace the weather and nearby ocean last Sunday and check out the Dana Point Festival of Whales. The main draw to this event is the whale watching cruises that venture out into the ocean, but Dan was nervous about taking Vivian on an ocean-cruising vessel (even though she has learned how to float through swim lessons!). Dan went whale watching once as a child and got extremely sea sick. I’ve been whale watching three times as an adult and have never seen a darn whale. This time, we skipped the whale watching drama and instead walked around the harbor, ate a fish lunch overlooking the harbor entrance, and took a small boat ride from one end of the harbor to the other (Vivian’s first boat ride!). Welcome to summer (in March!) in SoCal!

Baby's First Boat Ride

Baby’s First Boat Ride

Festival of the Whales Boat Ride

Festival of Whales Boat Ride

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One Response to Dana Point Festival of Whales

  1. Kelsey says:

    the perfect day out. so fun!

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