Going to G&G Chambers

During the last week in July (yes, I’m still playing blogger catch up!), I got really brave and flew alone with Vivian from Orange County to Oakland to spend the week in Livermore with Vivian’s Grandma and Grandpa Chambers (Dan’s parents). This flight was Vivian’s first and she did great. Thank God that I’m breastfeeding – it makes traveling so much easier.¬†Anytime she gets fussy on a flight, I just nurse her! Anyway, we made the trek up north because I needed a getaway and some extra helping hands and because I want Vivian to get as much family time as possible.

Baby's First Plane Ride!

Baby’s First Plane Ride!

Vivian's First Airline Boarding Pass

Vivian’s First Airline Boarding Pass

While up north, Vivian and I took BART into San Francisco to have dinner with my good friend, Becky. This adventure constituted another first for Vivian – her first train ride! I planned to use the nearly hour-long trips into and out of the city to nurse her. My plan worked well on the trip to the city, but on my return trip, the train was FULL of people and many of them were sketchy. There was no way that I was getting Vivian out of her carseat and whipping out my boob. Thank God, Vivian was not fussy.

Dinner with Becky

Dinner with Becky

Vivian in the Powell Street BART Station

Vivian in the Powell Street BART Station

While in Livermore, Vivian played with her Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandpa Time!

Grandpa Time!

Grandma Is So Fun - and Funny!

Grandma Is So Fun – and Funny!

Vivian also got to visit neighbors, Ayn and Ted, and good friend, Vickie.

Visiting Ayn and Ted

Visiting Ayn and Ted

Vivian and Vickie

Vivian and Vickie

We went shopping at the mall and outlets, went to the Livermore Library, and walked around downtown Livermore. I even got out for a VERY hot run one morning.

On the way back to the airport at the end of the week, Vivian got to see (or, well, sleep next to) her Uncle Alex.

Vivian and Uncle Alex

Vivian and Uncle Alex

And when we got home after being gone for five days, Dan greeted us at the airport baggage claim with flowers!

Vivian's First Flowers From Her Daddy

Vivian’s First Flowers From Her Daddy

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1 Response to Going to G&G Chambers

  1. It was a great visit! We enjoyed every moment of having you here. Way to go with the flowers, Dan!

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