First Father’s Day

When we were still thick in the haze of the newborn days, we kinda-sorta celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Truth be told, Dan forgot all about it until after noon on the actual day. And, of course, Vivian had no clue that she was supposed to be showering me with love and affection instead of demanding food and diaper changes around the clock. Ah well. God willing, we will all celebrate in style next year. Anyway…by the time Father’s Day rolled around this year, our heads were clear enough to remember the day and bring some attention to the new daddy honoree. Unfortunately, we spent most of the day driving from Northern California to Southern California, but at least there were gifts, cards, and even a letter from Vivian to her daddy:-)

We spent Dan’s first Father’s Day weekend visiting his family in his hometown of Livermore, CA. Vivian, Snoopy, and I drove up there by ourselves on a Wednesday and then Dan flew up there to meet us late Friday night. While I was in Livermore without him, I was able to go on a four-mile run alone, attend a Pilates class, walk around downtown Livermore, and visit with a friend at Concannon Vineyard. After Dan arrived, we went wine tasting at Rubino Estates Winery and went on a double date sans kids with his sister and her husband at El Sacromonte.


Wine Tasting at Rubino Estates Winery

It was really, really, really nice to be around family (I had no idea that having a baby could leave you so lonely) and have their help. It was also nice not to have to worry about laundry, house chores, and cooking dinner. I actually cried when we left because I didn’t want to have to go back to my quiet house. Before going up to Livermore, my sister had been in town visiting, so I had eight days with family and help nearby and the thought of going back to spending my days [mostly] alone with Vivian briefly put me over the edge.

Vivian’s first road trip was a great success, though. She did really well riding in the car. I swear angels were truly watching over us during my solitary drive north because what could have been a hellish 7.5 hour drive with a two-month old turned out to be a very peaceful commute. She also did well adjusting to her new surroundings and she slept soundly at night. I can only hope that our future trips go as smoothly!


Happy Baby!

While in Livermore, we had some great family photos taken of all of us. Each time we get together, the family has grown!


The Whole Family!


And Now the Girls – With Aunt Maxine, Too!


Proud Parents



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2 Responses to First Father’s Day

  1. We thoroughly enjoyed having you visit. I too, got teary eyed at your departure. Aunt Maxine and Vickie swear that Vivian said her first word here… “Hey”… when they diverted their attention from her for a moment. You may think that they were hallucinating but Frank always said that I was “hallucinating” when one of our kids did or said something early on, until he acknowledged noticing it himself several days or weeks later. “Hey” really happened! We have been walking around here in a tribute to Vivian saying “Hey” with her intonation. I have been singing Negro spirituals, her favorite music genre. (You may groan inwardly, but she also likes “It’s a Small World”.) You may be gone from our house but not gone from our thoughts and certainly you all are not gone from our hearts! We want to see you again in person real soon! Until then, there is Skype… or another road trip…

  2. Robin says:

    It was so good to see you! I can’t wait until we (and the cousins) meet again. I too really enjoyed our “double date,” and miss having so many people around. I think Autumn does too – she’s been on a real fussy streak since we got back. But hang in there; it does get easier as it goes.

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