Another Year, Another Ballgame

Dan and I have now passed our two-year wedding anniversary, completing our short stint as newlyweds. We are happy to be embarking on life as an “old married couple.” Okay…so we’re not that old, but we are settled into married life and can no longer accurately say that we were “just” married.

Last year, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, we traveled to Cabo San Lucas over Labor Day weekend. We decided to skip a Labor Day weekend getaway this year – but only because we are embarking on several large Fall trips – to Boston/New Hampshire/Maine, Miami, and possibly New York City. So, it seemed a bit overzealous to tack on another trip to our schedule. We plan to continue our anniversary celebration throughout all of our upcoming trips!

One thing that we did do again this year (although not on our actual anniversary date), is attend an Angels baseball game. We scored really great FREE seats and made it to the ballpark in time for the first pitch. And, we stayed until the end of the game, watching the Angels soundly defeat the Seattle Mariners. It was a fun night out, even if neither one of us follows baseball all that closely.

2013 Angels Baseball Game

2013 Angels Baseball Game

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