Betting on the Ponies

After spending most of Labor Day weekend completing manual labor (ironic, considering the holiday weekend) on our rental property and our own home, we took Monday to do something fun – go to the Del Mar Racetrack! This racetrack is just north of San Diego and provides a popular summertime activity for Southern Californians. However – Dan and I had never been there! The last time we went to a horse racetrack was when we were in Hong Kong together.

Rainy Night at the Horse Races in Hong Kong - Dec. 2010

Rainy Night at the Horse Races in Hong Kong – Dec. 2010

We got amazingly, crazily, insanely lucky and did not hit any traffic at all on our drive down to or drive home from Del Mar. Since we arrived at the track just before the first race of the day, we simply watched that first race to try to get an understanding of the events that were taking place and the rules for betting. Then, we got down to business! We picked our favorite horses, based on their names, jockeys, odds, etc., and placed small bets on races 2-9. It was a ton of fun and although we didn’t win any money, we only walked away with $5 less in our wallets.

The entire scene at the racetrack was a lot of fun to watch – from the trumpeter announcing the racing ponies at the beginning of each race, to the rich people all dressed up on the track and excited about their winning horses, to the interesting behavior of the horses immediately before the races. We ate and drank and very much enjoyed our day at the races and away from home remodel work!

The Horses Being Paraded Around Before the Race

The Horses Being Paraded Around Before the Race

And, we were able to check this item off our list🙂

At the Races!

At the Races!

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3 Responses to Betting on the Ponies

  1. It sounds like a really full great day of fun. That is not bad for $5! It reminds me of that scene in My Fair Lady where the folks are dressed up all in black and white for the “Ascot Opening Day”

  2. I am a list and checkmark kind of gal. I would love to see your list posted again with checkmarks on what is completed and what remains.

    And although retired, the engineer is me is still there. Could you also include a progress bar chart and percentage completed pie chart? ;•) Jus’ kiddin’! Amazing to see what all you guys have accomplished even with the home improvement work as well.

    • Carrie says:

      I’m one step ahead of you! I’ve kept the “Our List” page of our blog up-to-date with all of our completed items for the past two years. Check it out to view what we’ve completed, when, and a link back to the blog post about it.

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