Road Trip to Morro Bay

Dan and I went on our final trip of the summer (and are actually looking forward to 1 1/2 months at home before our next adventure to New England in October!). We drove up to the Central Coast to spend the weekend in Morro Bay for another friends’ wedding (that’s three weddings in just five weeks!). Because we’d been to the area many times in the past, we didn’t visit as tourists, but more as friends who hadn’t seen each other in awhile. Most of the weekend was spent attending wedding activities since Dan was a groomsman in the wedding. The wedding ceremony on Saturday night was at Windows on the Water, which had the most amazing view of Morro Rock.

Dressed Up for the Ceremony

Dressed Up for the Ceremony

With the Lovely Bride and Groom

With the Lovely Bride and Groom

Ryan and Lora's Wedding in Morro Bay 008

Morro Rock at Sunset

We had a fun time at the wedding reception. Dan gave a touching speech (he’s so good at that!) and wowed everyone on the dance floor with his slick moves (he’s so good at that, too!).

Dan Dancing

Dan Dancing

We had just enough time when we left town to stop by Firestone’s for lunch in San Luis Obispo. Then it was home to pick up our pampered pup who enjoyed a spa afternoon at his pet hotel.

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One Response to Road Trip to Morro Bay

  1. Wow! However did you two get your heads so centered on Morro Rock and so surrounding by that sunset glow. Quite a photo I must say! Please tell Ryan that Dad and I wish him and his lovely bride all the best. You also must tell me about Dan’s speech at the reception when we next talk.

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