Oh, Vegas…

After whirlwind trips out to Las Vegas on Friday (I drove out there by myself from Orange County and Dan flew in from Burbank), we attended our friends’ wedding at THEwedding Chapel at Mandalay Bay and their lovely dinner reception at Verandah in the Four Seasons Hotel.

With the Beautiful Bride and Groom

With the Beautiful Bride and Groom

Julie's Wedding in Vegas 004

Friends Since High School

On Saturday, we relaxed in the cabanas and by the pool at the Luxor Hotel. In the evening, Dan and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Country Club at Wynn Las Vegas and then we splurged and attended Le Reve – The Dream, also at Wynn Las Vegas. We had first-row seats and the show was amazing! We were in awe throughout the entire performance and highly recommend it.

Inside the Le Reve - The Dream Theater

Inside the Le Reve – The Dream Theater

We had a fun time in Las Vegas, despite not gambling at all (this was actually Dan’s first trip ever to Vegas where he didn’t gamble!). As we drove out of town, though, we both said that if it’s a long time before we get back there, that’s okay with us!

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3 Responses to Oh, Vegas…

  1. Robin says:

    I am jealous! I have also heard La Reve is very good, and want to see it. Glad you had fun, and congratulations to your Friend the bride!

    • Carrie says:

      You guys should plan a weekend trip to Vegas if you’re interested in seeing a show. You’d definitely have to leave Autumn at home, but it would be a nice getaway for just the two of you.

  2. I too like the Cirque de Soleil shows. Maybe Dad and I should consider La Reve since I have heard is is very different from the others. The shows are what I like about Vegas. ( I still kind of regret we never did see Siegfried and Roy.) But it really was so pricey. I am not much of a gambler, either. Maybe that is because I am not much of a winner. Clarification.. of money. I do OK in life.

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