Chambers Family 2011-2012 Photo Book

Beginning on January 1, 1995, I kept a daily journal of my life and activities. You want to know what I did on March 13, 1997? I can tell you. What about July 28, 2000? Yup, I can tell you that too. November 5, 2004? Down to the day’s details. From 1995 – 2012, I kept up with this daily writing task. On one hand, it’s pretty cool that I have a record of nearly everything I’ve done for almost 17 years. On the other hand, keeping up with this daily task was getting pretty stressful. Although it only took a few minutes to write about my day, I often wouldn’t have the time – or I’d be too tired at the end of the day to write. I’d fall behind and I felt like I was always playing catch up. I was afraid I’d regret it if I stopped writing in my yearly journal. Because how do you stop documenting your life after you’ve done it for almost 17 years? Also, I had always envisioned that someday, my books upon books of daily journals would be found by my great-great grandchildren and poured over with interest. Last year, though, I realized that I had to make some changes to reduce the stress in my life – and I couldn’t keep stressing myself out about this task for the sake of future generations. If keeping up with this task was stressing me out now – when I don’t have kids – the ability to handle it when I do have kids was looking pretty slim. So…after talking to Dan, I decided that I would stop writing in my daily journal. But…in an effort to still document the important parts of my life, I would continue our family blog and I would create detailed yearly family photo books.

Click on the picture of the front page of our 2011-2012 photo book below to view it. Since we got married in September 2011, I didn’t create a separate book for that year and simply combined it with our 2012 book. Dan and I are both pretty pleased with it and I’m glad to check another item off our list!

Chambers Family 2011-2012 Photo Book

Chambers Family 2011-2012 Photo Book

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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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2 Responses to Chambers Family 2011-2012 Photo Book

  1. I just ordered your book and am excited to receive it. Thanks to your advice I also checked online and got a 50% off coupon!

  2. Robin says:

    What a gorgeous book! Looks like you guys had a great year, and that’s a great keepsake for the future. Plus, you have a really nice eye for layouts, which surprises no-one 🙂

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