Home Improvement: Bathroom Edition

We have three bathrooms in our house. Two full bathrooms and one half bathroom. And yes, only two people live in our house. Kinda nuts, but it’s the way it is. Growing up, our family of five only ever had one bathroom in our house. Now, I have the luxury of choosing to pee in one of three different toilets in our 1200 square foot house.

Last year, we completely remodeled our half (“powder”) bathroom. Dan, the handiest of husbands, ripped out the old linoleum and installed a new tile floor. He also replaced the vanity, mirror, light fixture, hardware, baseboards, and door casings. And then he created an awesome built-in shelving unit that allows for additional storage space and makes the small bathroom seem larger. I painted the remodeled bathroom, caulked the new baseboards and casings, stained the new built-in, and decorated the updated space.

Remodeled Powder Bathroom

Remodeled Powder Bathroom

New Built-In in Powder Bathroom

New Built-In in Powder Bathroom

On January 1, 2013, Dan ripped up the carpet (oh yes, carpet!) in our master bathroom, thus beginning a 3+ month project remodeling our two upstairs (master and guest) bathrooms. In the master bathroom, in addition to ripping out the carpet in the main bathroom area, Dan ripped out the linoleum in the toilet closet. Then he designed a beautiful pattern for the new tile and installed it. In addition, he replaced the mirrors, baseboards, and door casings. We hired an electrician to replace the light fixture (and replace the light fixtures in the stairway). I caulked the new baseboards and casings and painted them.

Remodeled Master Bathroom

Remodeled Master Bathroom

House April 2013 015

Remodeled Master Bathroom

House April 2013 016

Remodeled Toilet Closet

Dan also ripped out the linoleum in the guest bathroom and installed new tile floors. He replaced the baseboards and door casings and I caulked and painted them. We hired an electrician to replace the light fixture.

Remodeled Guest Bathroom

Remodeled Guest Bathroom

House April 2013 005

Remodeled Guest Bathroom

Whew! We’ve taken a few weeks off from home improvement projects, but are already looking ahead to the next project: new granite counters for our kitchen, and possibly our master and guest bathroom vanities. We’re picking out our granite slab(s) tomorrow and hoping to start construction very soon. It’s quite possible that by the time we get all of our projects completed – and are ready to sell the house and upgrade to a bigger house – we won’t want to! No matter what, we’re certainly going to enjoy living in our current remodeled space!

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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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2 Responses to Home Improvement: Bathroom Edition

  1. I’ll never understand why builders choose to put carpet in a bathroom. Our master was like that too when we first moved in and it was the first thing we ripped out! Our powder bath had hardwood too, and we felt like that wasn’t a great idea either (toilets and sinks leak!) so we ultimately ripped that out and did tile there as well.

    All of your remodels look great Carrie! I love your tile selection for the master floor!

  2. Kirstie says:

    Love all your upgrades!! It’s amazing what paint, tile and new fixtures will do. 🙂

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