Laguna Niguel Triathlon

Four years ago, I competed in my first sprint triathlon. I swam 1/2 mile in a cold lake, biked about 12 miles, and ran about 3 miles. I finished in two hours. I enjoyed almost all of it. Okay, I enjoyed 1/3 of it – the running, only, really. I know how to swim – luckily, my parents put me in swim lessons as a small kid – but I do not enjoy it and I’m not super fast. I also know how to ride a bike, but bike maintenance makes me nervous and I worry every time that I’m out on my road bike that I’ll get a flat and be stuck far from home (I can change a tire tube, but it’s a long, dirty process if done by me). But running – that’s easy! That, I can do. I don’t need any special equipment (like a pool or a bike) and over the years, I’ve become a decent (middle of the pack) runner.

Anyway…after completing the triathlon four years ago, I pretty much figured that I’d never do that again. Once was enough. Check that off the list. Then four years went by and I apparently forgot that I don’t like swimming and that biking makes me nervous and I signed up for the Laguna Niguel Triathlon. This race was simpler and shorter than my first triathlon – it was a reverse tri that consisted of a 3 mile run, 10.5 mile bike ride, and a 175m swim in a heated pool. And as much as I agonized about it beforehand (and, completely slacked on my training), I actually had fun while racing. So much fun, in fact, that I started thinking that maybe I’d do this again. No!

I finished the entire race in 1:28:14.51. Here are my splits:

Run: 27:30.50
Transition 1: 2:21.03
Bike: 48:37.71
Transition 2: 2:23.28
Swim: 7:21.99

Overall, I placed 160/218 in the race. Not that great. But for my run, I placed 123/218. Clearly, my strong suit is running. I think I’ll stick to that for awhile:-)

Laguna Niguel Triathlon 010


Laguna Niguel Triathlon 014

Transition 1

Laguna Niguel Triathlon 018


Laguna Niguel Triathlon 021

Transition 2

Laguna Niguel Triathlon 023


Laguna Niguel Triathlon 027


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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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