To Infinity and Beyond!

Since I was lucky enough to have MLK day off work as a holiday, I made plans to carpool into L.A. with Dan super early in the morning, drop him off at his office in Burbank, eat breakfast with a friend in Santa Monica, and then spend the afternoon at the California Science Center with another friend and her kids before carpooling home with Dan. While hanging out in the parking garage at Dan’s work, killing time before driving to Santa Monica to meet my friend, Dan called me from inside his office – apparently, he had the day off, too! And, I found out that one of my friend’s kids was sick with what sounded like the flu.

So…plans changed and Dan and I were able to spend the day together! After firing off a few work e-mails, Dan joined me for breakfast in Santa Monica with our friend (who is the person most responsible for introducing us!). Then we ventured over to the California Science Center in L.A. with plans to see the Endeavour space shuttle. The Science Center had a ton of great exhibits, but it also had a ton of rambunctious kids running around. We’ll have to go back there someday when we have our own kids and are more tolerant of hundreds of them swarming around us. On this day, though, we focused our time at the Science Center seeing the Endeavour and watching the “Blue Planet” IMAX movie. The space shuttle exhibit is temporary while they are building a permanent house for the shuttle, but it was very cool. We certainly learned a lot about space travel in general (including the details of how astronauts go potty and the weight of a space suit (185 pounds!)), the space program (we were surprised how many “classified” military space missions were launched), and the Endeavour shuttle. Plus, it was pretty amazing to actually see the space shuttle so close.

Endeavor Space Shuttle 004

Checking Out the Endeavour

Dan Outside of the CA Science Center in Front of an A-12

Dan Outside of the CA Science Center in Front of an A-12

After leaving the Science Center, we drove home and were in bed relaxing and watching a recorded movie by 2:45pm. Not bad for a Monday!

About Carrie

I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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2 Responses to To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. Diane Chambers says:

    Sometimes those spontaneous things are the most fun! Be sure to check about Presidents’ Day.

    • Carrie says:

      Unfortunately (for me), Dan has Presidents’ Day off, but I don’t:-( But…I might take it off anyways since I’m competing in a triathlon the day before!

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