Mammoth Snow

We just returned from a mid-January ski/snowboard weekend at Mammoth Mountain with two other couples. Our friends had never been to Mammoth Lakes before and I always think it’s so much fun to show people the quaint town and giant mountain. Mammoth has a special place in my heart – I truly love being up there (as does my husband)!

We rented a great condo where we could step right outside the door and pick up the free shuttle bus to the slopes. We were able to cook dinners and breakfasts in the kitchen and play games in front of the fire in the living room. It also had an outdoor hot tub that was wonderful to sit in after a day on the slopes.

Sunday Ski Group

Sunday Ski Group

And speaking of the slopes – the snow was great, the weather was tolerable (cold, but not snowy or windy), and the skies were deep blue. We skied the entire mountain – from the top to the bottom and from Eagle to the Backside. On our second day on the slopes (which close at 4pm), we shut the mountain down – we finally got off the mountain at 4:20pm when most the chairs had stopped running.

Mammoth Jan 0113 018

At the Top of Mammoth Mountain

I’ve been skiing for 22 years and I’m at a place in my abilities and confidence that I truly enjoy the sport. Dan and I have such a fun time on our ski vacations and we definitely want to ensure that our future children learn to ski/snowboard at a young age.

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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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  1. Diane Chambers says:

    Neither Frank nor I ski but we too look back with fondness on our snow weekends with our kids. We sledded with them in the day, read aloud to the kids in the evenings, overloaded the hot tub with so many kids and/or adults that we displaced enough water and had to add more and let it heat for the next day’s use. The adults played cards or Mille Bourne or Trivial Pursuit or charades or other games late into the night after the kids crashed from either sledding or running around the cabin. Raccoon Rendezvous, the cabin we and several other families rented annually, had a loft with 6 (or was it 8?) twin beds where the kids hung out, three other bedrooms, and multiple couches in the main great room. Downstairs was a fireplace and ping pong table and some kids slept under it just for fun! The main floor had a deck around most of it where the raccoons would come right up to the sliding glass door knowing food would be left for them. Throughout the cabin the owners decorated with raccoon memorabilia of all sorts – statues, paintings, pillows, needlework, salt and pepper shakers… Your post made all those memories come flooding back.

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