Clippers Basketball Game

I scored free tickets from my company to attend the Clippers/Kings basketball game at the Staples Center last weekend. I’d never been to an NBA game before and Dan had only been to one game before when he was a kid, so we thought it’d be a fun date night. Although it was a rainy night, we got to downtown LA with enough time to find a great parking spot, get beer and pizza, and settle into our SECOND ROW seats! My coworker, Carol, and her husband were seated next to us and we were just so close to the action! The Clippers won 116-81, but honestly, I thought it was more fun to people watch than watch the game. Since we were sitting so close to the court, we were also sitting next to all sorts of dolled up LA folks who actually paid good money for their expensive seats. We saw an old rocker in a gold-studded leather jacket and cowboy hat and many, many done up women in spiked heels and skimpy dresses. I was completely underdressed in my Levis and flats, but also so glad that I didn’t have to dress like that to impress anyone. I chowed down on my pizza, spilled olive oil dip all over my jeans, and threw back a cold beer. Oh yeah, and watched the game:-P

Clippers Game at Staples Center

Clippers Game at Staples Center

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  1. Jeremy and my first date after Autumn was born was to my first-ever basketball game. We had fun as well! Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson (from American Idol) attended our game, and the OKC Thunder won. I also went in Jeans and a Thunder T-shirt, and somewhere there is a photo of me looking very, VERY tired that night. Glad you also had fun!

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