San Diego Beer Tasting

Although I’ve written more posts about wine tasting than beer tasting, Dan and I do love our beer, too! Apparently, San Diego has a growing microbrew industry. A few weeks ago we met up with some of our friends who live in San Diego and visited and tasted beers at Green Flash Brewing Company, AleSmith, Ballast Point Brewing Company, and Stone Brewing Co. I went up to the bar at each brewery and asked for 3-4 tastings of their darkest beers (I love stouts and porters – the darker, the better, in my book!). Some were good…some, not so much. One of the first beers that I drank was flavored with Serrano chilies – oh wow! Not a good combination. Many San Diego microbrews are very hoppy – there are a lot of IPAs, and I’m not really a fan of them. It was fun to see the breweries and taste the beers, though, and, of course, it was great to spend time with our friends. At our last stop of the night (Stone Brewing Co.), we ate a fabulous dinner and walked around the beautiful building and gardens.

So much of what we do for fun now in our lives I don’t think can be done with kids in tow (or, it wouldn’t be fun to do with kids in tow). I was surprised to see strollers and small babies at a few of the breweries we went to early in the afternoon, though. Maybe beer tasting isn’t something that can only be done without kids;-)

Mmm…Dark Beer!

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2 Responses to San Diego Beer Tasting

  1. I have definitely seen strollers (and baby bjorns) at wine tastings before… I think as long as the kid is too young to really “shoplift” effectively (or want to), mid-level wineries figure young fashionable parents are among their best customers. We haven’t tried taking Autumn anywhere like that yet, but when we do I will definitely report back to you.

    • Carrie says:

      I remember wine tasting with my parents in New York near our cabin when I was younger. The memory that is burned into my brain the most is when my brother and I got yelled at (probably just gently scolded) by the wine proprietor because we were eating all of the saltines out of the basket that was sitting out for the wine drinkers to cleanse their palettes in between tastes.

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