Halfway Through the Newlywed Years

Happy 1-year anniversary to us! We honestly had a great first year of marriage. Before we got married, some of our married friends told us that the first year of marriage would be one of the hardest. We were very cognizant of this and wondered if our first year would be equally hard. Thankfully, our first year breezed by. We quickly adjusted to living together (this, honestly, was my biggest fear before marriage) and sharing our bank accounts. We traveled quite a bit, experienced new things, saved our pennies, established and met new goals, and grew in our love (hokey, but true). If I had to sum up our first year of marriage, I’d say that it was jam-packed with fun experiences all while allowing us to build a strong financial and marital foundation. Many people say that marriage gets better with each passing year, and if that’s the case, we’re happily looking forward to our second year as newlyweds and the many years after that.

Before we got married, we kind of figured that we’d think about starting a family “oh…in a year or so.” As time often does, one year flew by in the blink of an eye. And now we’re thinking that eek…kids sound like a lot of work and kind of a huge pain in the butt. I mean, kids are full of sugar and spice and everything nice and we love all of our friends’ kids and everyone that we know who is a parent loves it and loves their kids and you know, it’s the best, most meaningful thing in life. But…it also sounds super scary, exhausting, overwhelming, time-consuming, money-consuming, and limiting (at least that’s what all the moms writing articles on the Internet seem to say). We’re still in the same camp as Melanie Crutchfieldkids aren’t the best thing ever…but they will probably be worth it.

So…we recently sat down with a Bloody Mary and Mimosa in hand, stared at each other, and very quickly agreed that we need more time to enjoy being “us.” I mean, Dan hasn’t even gone bungee jumping yet. And I’ve never gone white water rafting. And now we can hike Mt. Whitney and travel to Peru or Greece or New Zealand. And, we can buy a house! Oh, and we can definitely squeeze in more wine tasting, road trips, and adventures where we don’t need to plan for poopy diapers and midnight feedings. Hopefully, someday the tide turns and we start feeling more maternal and paternal and hearing a kid whine and scream in a public bathroom doesn’t make me close my eyes and literally plug my ears in front of the mother and child (I’m ashamed to say that I actually did this last month) and instead makes me sympathetic and anxious to have one of my own bundle of tears – I mean joy. Until then, we’ve expanded our list of things to do before we have children and we are reveling in the simple life of being “just” a husband and wife:-)

About Carrie

I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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2 Responses to Halfway Through the Newlywed Years

  1. Aw, I want to go to Greece! Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on a full year of enjoying each other and building a strong foundation. No need to jump on the kids bandwagon right away, especially when there’s so much to do as a couple of young professionals in SoCal.

    • Carrie says:

      Thanks! It’s crazy to think that you’ve only been married less than four months longer us, and yet we are already in such different phases of our married lives. But…you’re still newlyweds, too, so don’t forget that even after Baby O arrives;-)

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