LEGOLAND California

My husband’s parents and brother were in town last weekend and they graciously treated us to a day at LEGOLAND California in Carlsbad. My husband and I fondly remember building with LEGOS as kids, and although we knew that this small amusement park is geared more towards children, we were interested in experiencing it and remembering a bit of our childhood.

We began our day aboard the Coast Cruise and then we built and raced LEGO cars.

LEGO Racecars

We went on as many of the adult rides that we could (many rides were geared just for children) and while my husband’s family were enjoying the water park, we walked through the famous Miniland USA.

Miniland USA

It was a fun day experiencing a new attraction (new for us!) in Southern California. Next time, we’ll have to return with children (not necessarily ours!).

About Carrie

I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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One Response to LEGOLAND California

  1. Diane Chambers says:

    I enjoyed watching you two build and race your cars. I am also very happy and pleased that you rode with Alex on the wave racers. He had a blast. I am also jealous that you were the only one among us slender enough to meet the weight limit with Alex. Guess all those marathons and dedicated gym workouts really pay off!

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