Gliding Off Into the Sunset

The other month, my husband closed one of his credit cards and cashed in all the “reward points” for a hang gliding lesson. So, last Saturday, we went to Dockweiler State Beach so that he could complete his first lesson. I wasn’t interested in taking a lesson myself because I thought that I would be pushed off a tall cliff and I would freak out (I think I’m still a little traumatized from my first SCUBA diving experience!). As it turned out, this was not the case for my husband and I totally could have taken the hang gliding lesson without any crazy fears. Maybe next time:-)

Dan was in a class with three other guys and he received a lot of instruction. The gist of it was: Hook into glider, run down sandy hill on beach until you take flight, steer/turn, land on your feet, carry the glider back up the hill, repeat. Dan was a natural at it – he took flight each time and always landed on his feet (I saw a few knee/face plants in the other class!).

Get Ready

Get Set


Back Up for More

While Dan learned how to hang glide, Snoopy and I took pictures and videos. Snoopy also had a blast digging a giant hole in the sandy hill, even though dogs weren’t allowed on the beach:-P

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2 Responses to Gliding Off Into the Sunset

  1. Frank Chambers (DanDad) says:

    Many years ago one of my friends took hang gliding lessons on the beach. He overheard the following remark after a compatriot augured in one more time, “I wish sand came in different flavors”

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