Home Sweet Home

Since I first met my husband, in summer 2009, he/we have been working on home improvement projects in his/our townhome. Here is the list of projects that we completed before getting married and moving in together:

  • Replaced all carpet and linoleum downstairs (living room, dining room, kitchen, coat closet, laundry room) with tile.
  • Replaced all baseboards and door casings downstairs.
  • Replaced all doorknobs.
  • Built “bar” area in kitchen countertop.
  • Replaced all downstairs (living room and dining room) window treatments.
  • Painted the entire house, sans the coat closet, laundry room, and powder bathroom.
  • Replaced all doorstops.

Since we got married, we’ve accomplished the following DIY projects:

  • Replaced patio light fixture with motion sensor light fixture.
  • Replaced dining room light fixture.
  • Replaced kitchen faucet
  • Replaced water heater.
  • Replaced master bathroom faucets, towel rods, and toilet paper rod.
  • Added drawer/door pulls to master and guest bathroom vanities.
  • Replaced guest bathroom mirror, towel rod, toilet paper rod, and toilet flusher.

Our 2012 “to-do” list includes the following projects:

  • Install new ceiling fans in the living room and office and replace the current ceiling fan in the master bedroom with a new ceiling fan. [DONE – April 2012]
  • Gut and completely redo the powder bathroom. This project includes adding a built-in wall linen cabinet. [DONE – October 2012]
  • Wall up the top TV nook in the living room and mount a new flat screen TV on the wall [DONE – June 2012]. This project also includes transforming the bottom TV nook into a cabinet for entertainment equipment. [DONE – November 2012]
  • Install the baseboards and door casings in the coat closet and laundry room [DONE – September 2012]. Then, paint those areas [DONE – August 2012].
  • Replace the linoleum in the guest bathroom with tile. [DONE – April 2013]
  • Replace the carpet and linoleum in the master bathroom with tile. [DONE – April 2013]
  • Replace the guest bathroom faucet. [DONE – June 2012]
  • Install under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. [DONE – November 2012]

I think I’ll stop there… There are a lot more projects that we’d like to do, but we have to draw a line somewhere. We want to be comfortable in our home and we want it to be nice and enjoyable to live in, but we also need to save our money for our future single family home. Our current townhome will, within 2-3 years, most likely become a rental. So, we need to weigh the desire to upgrade the home we live in now, with our desire to purchase a new home. If I were going to make a list of all the other things that I want to do to our current townhome, though, it would look like this:

  • Replace the carpet in the hallway/stairway, master bedroom, and office. We actually probably will do this, since the carpet is cheap builder carpet and probably won’t hold up well with renters. This project probably won’t happen until 2013 though. [DONE – August 2013]
  • Replace the light fixtures in the guest and master bathrooms. [DONE – April 2013]
  • Replace the mirror in the master bathroom. [DONE – April 2013]
  • Replace the toilet flusher in the master bathroom (yes, I obsess over minor details!). [DONE – October 2012]
  • Replace all of the light switches and cover plates with new, more modern ones (again with the details!). [DONE – January 2014]
  • Replace all of the baseboards and door casings upstairs (although…this may end up happening in 2012/2013 with the flooring projects). [DONE – September 2013]
  • Refinish the kitchen cabinets and install new hardware on them. [DONE – July 2013]
  • Replace the tile kitchen countertops with granite counterops and a tile mosaic backsplash. [DONE – July 2013]
  • Replace the hinges on the master and guest bathroom vanity cabinets. Ditto for the hallway linen closet (and install door pulls). [DONE – June 2012]
  • Replace the light fixtures in the stairway. [DONE – April 2013]
  • Replace the white tile around the fireplace with a tile mosaic surround [DONE – July 2013]
  • Replace the A/C (this is not going to happen, but in a dream world where I have money to burn, I would do this, since ours is nearly kaput). [DONE – May 2014]

All right. That’s it! Whew!

Even though we have a lot of projects on our to-do list, we both really love our current townhome. There’s plenty of space for both of us and Snoopy – and even enough space for a future baby. It’s in a great location in a nice complex and, well, it feels like home:-) Here are some pictures of our very first home together:

Living Room

Living Room


Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom



Guest Bathroom

Remodeled Powder Bathroom



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