Sushi. Sake. Repeat.

Mmmm…we hadn’t been out for sushi and sake since our trip to Colorado in November. So, we were long overdue for a sushi and sake date. Last Saturday, we tried out a new-to-us sushi place near our house. We sat at the sushi bar and ate recommendations from the sushi chef like toro and a fried-rice ball thingy with spicy tuna in it. While eating, we both shared our first experiences with sushi – Dan’s was after high school, since his family didn’t eat it growing up, and mine was after grad. school, since my family didn’t eat it growing up, and, um, I lived in a teeny tiny town in Ohio (we ate lots of wild game like venison and rabbit, but never sushi!). For me, it’s been fun over the past few years to introduce some of my family to sushi. A few years ago, I took my sister out to her first sushi restaurant in Santa Monica while she was on a long layover on her way to Australia. And now, she’s taking me out for sushi near her house in Colorado! Also, a few years ago, I took my mom and Grammy out for sushi in Perrysburg, Ohio. I thought it was so cool that my nearly 90-year-old Grammy was adventurous to try sushi for the first time.

Here are some sushi blasts from our past:

Mom and Grammy Learning How to Use Chopsticks in 2007

Sushi in Santa Monica with Anna in 2008

Sushi in L.A. Before a Brad Paisley Concert in 2010

Eating lots of sushi and drinking lots of sake is definitely on our list of things to do before children. Of course, we can eat sushi and drink sake after having kids, but one of us (ahem) will have to give it up, at least for a little while:-(

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2 Responses to Sushi. Sake. Repeat.

  1. I miss Sushi so much right now… But I love that 2010 photo! Who’s the Brad Paisley fan?

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