Running Woman

I have been a runner (on and off) since junior high school, when my mom said that I had to participate in a sport, and since I’m deathly afraid of any sports involving balls, I joined the cross country team. After running both cross country and track in high school, I only ran a little for “fun” in college (this running mostly consisted of my friend, Katie, and I, running a mile to the local Dairy Queen, getting ice cream, and then walking home). I ran a 5K race here and there, but didn’t truly get back into running until 2006 when I decided that if Oprah can run a marathon, so can I. Since then, I’ve run a marathon, a few half marathons, and multiple trail runs, 5Ks, and 10Ks. A little over a year ago, though, I got engaged, and instead of committing to a gym routine like all good brides should do, I shunned the gym and focused all of my energy on wedding planning (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). After we got married, my husband took a new job that requires him to get up at 4am. Yes, 4am. It’s nuts, I tell you! Anyway, I figured that if my husband can get up in the middle of the night (hey, it’s my middle of the night, still!), then I can get up early (of course, not as early as him!) and go to the gym every weekday morning. So…since October 2011, I have gone to the gym every single working day. No excuses. No missed days. I’m there. I alternate running, doing the elliptical set at a high incline and a high resistance, and sweating like crazy on the Stairmaster.

And, just in case you were wondering: I haven’t lost one single pound. I feel like my heart and lungs are in shape now and I think that my body looks good – but the scale is not validating any of my good feelings about working out. Whatever. Scales are stupid. I honestly don’t really care about my weight anyways – I just want to feel good/healthy, fit into my clothes, and be in great shape for myself and for if/when, in the distant future, I get pregnant.

Anyway…at the beginning of 2012, I started to get a little bored with my gym routine. I needed a goal. So, I signed up for the Orangeman Running Series – a local 5K trail run, 10K trail run, and half marathon. Last Sunday, I ran in the San Juan Hills 5K trail run and I was honestly surprised to feel so good during the race and finish in 29:56 (this is slower than my normal 5K time, but that’s to be expected since this was a trail run and contained some pretty steep hills). My wonderful hubby and sweet doggie cheered me on and took pictures of me making really ugly faces while running. I certainly am not one of those pretty, bouncy, cheerful-looking runners – yikes!

Snoopy and I, Pre Race

Race Start

The Trail...and One of the Hills

Racing Into the Finish...It Ain't a Pretty Sight!

About Carrie

I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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3 Responses to Running Woman

  1. Janelle says:

    Good for you! I used to run. I used to go to the gym. And then I too had excuses. I used to daydream about running when I was super pregnant and that made me realize how important a part of my life it really has become. I’ve recently been making an effort to get back into it. With kids the whole “I’m tired” excuse isn’t going to go away for many years, especially if I’m out of shape. It has been so long that I’m happy to run for any period of time without feeling like I want to die. Last night I alternated running for 5 minutes, walking for 2, repeat. It wasn’t speedy and no where near where I used to be, but I felt so good when I was done! Of course the scale told me I’d gained weight. Stupid scales. It definitely wasn’t that celebratory French bread I ate. 🙂 I love what a healthy view you have about your weight and look forward to the day I can ignore it and just say, “I feel healthy!” Thanks for sharing. It inspires me.

  2. Amy says:

    My husband also gets up way too early (4:30), but my mornings don’t sound as productive as yours! I’ve found running to be so much more engaging than going to the gym because you are really working toward something bigger than just working out. Congratulations on getting back into the groove! (And I have no idea how some of these women finish half marathons looking like they just got their hair and make-up done. I need to know their secrets!).

  3. Carrie says:

    Updated to add: I’ve actually lost 10 pounds! They kind of just snuck away from me without me realizing it!

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