Hiking the Morgan Trail

We both had the day after New Year’s Day off this year and since we’d spent pretty much most of the long weekend chilling in our house, we decided to spend our last day before going back to work outside in the SoCal sunshine and wilderness. We looked for a good trail to hike with dogs in a book I received from Katie at my bridal shower and then headed east into the Cleveland National Forest to hike the Morgan Trail.

Earlier in the weekend, I had downloaded a hiking app called AllTrails. It is free and pretty cool – I was able to track our entire progress during the hike and see exactly where we were on the trail (until my phone died, that is).

Snoopy had THE best time on this hike. According to the app, we hiked just under 6 miles for a few hours. We only passed four other people on the trail (one couple at the very beginning and one couple at the very end). Since the trail was so quiet, Snoopy was off leash most of the time and he had so much fun running around. We were such happy puppy parents watching our pup enjoy himself. He actually did quite well off leash – he stayed on the trail and if he got too far ahead of us, he’d stop and wait for us to catch up. We still need to work on him coming to us when he’s distracted or excited, but overall, I was really happy with his behavior.

Snoopy on the Trail

We are definitely a hiking family and are planning to get outside more often and hike the nearby trails with Snoopy (when he’s allowed). Hiking is such a great activity – it’s free, great exercise, great scenery, peaceful, and very family (kid and dog!) friendly.

A Man and His Dog

I Love Snoopy Too

Happy Pup

Family Photo

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I'm a Midwest transplant in SoCal...spending my time exploring, questioning, reading, writing, baking, skiing, and running.
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